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map-pin Solution Architecture work stream

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4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #5132 by Igor Sirkovich
Unfortunately, I will be traveling on July 12th with no or limited access to Internet. The Project Name/Description Proposal of eHealth Ontario is the only item on our agenda.

Ken, if you are able to attend, please lead the discussion. Otherwise, we would cancel this meeting and will reconnect in 2 weeks on July 26th.
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4 years 10 months ago #5059 by Igor Sirkovich
Thank you very much, Ken!

Everyone, please review the proposal and post your feedback in this thread.

We are going to cancel our meeting on June 28th and will review all the feedback at our next meeting on July 13th.

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4 years 10 months ago #5050 by Ken Sinn
  • Ken Sinn
  • Igor Sirkovich
  • Natalya Pogrebetsky
  • Sheridan Cook
  • Alex Goel
  • Christopher Kundra
  • Jorge Pichardo
  • Phil Alcaidinho
  • Shamil Nizamov
  • Janice Spence
  • Rita Pyle
  • Thomas Zhou
  • Joe Wall
  • Radhika Verma
  • 1-416-491-8042
  • 1-508-545-0563
  • 1-774-473-0041
  • 1-250-519-7700

Action Items:
Proposed Project Key/URL for future projects: ca-{province abbreviation}-{project abbreviation}-{FHIR release} e.g. ca-on-xxxxxx-stu3/ca-on-xxxxxx-r4. The {FHIR release} may be necessary to distinguish two FHIR releases of the same project, e.g. Ontario's Digital Drug Health Repository in STU3 and R4, or Ontario's Provincial Client Registry in DSTU2 and STU3, to prevent the Project Keys from colliding/duplicating. May impose heavy constraints on the length of {project abbreviation} portion. Note that existing Projects will be unable to change their project key, as this will break the existing profile/valueset links and implementation guides.

Proposed Project Name: {Province} {Project Name} e.g. Ontario Digital Health Drug Repository, Ontario Provincial Provider Registry, Ontario Laboratories Information System. Pending ability of Firely to add the FHIR Release # to the Project List page, we may need to add the FHIR release to the Project name to differentiate multiple FHIR releases of a single Project (Simplifier is unable to support multiple FHIR versions in the same Project)

Proposed Project Description: "Implementation Guide" {for Providers|Consumers} {(FHIR Release)} for {Province} {Project Name + Project Version} e.g. Implementation Guide for Providers (STU3) for the Ontario PCR, Implementation Guides for Providers and Consumers for OLIS, Implementation Guide for the Ontario DHDR Version 2. Suggestion of adding "Canada" in the Project Description to enable Simplifier FHIR Search to find these Projects.

Happy to hear additional thoughts, suggestions, proposals. Thanks!

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4 years 11 months ago #5028 by Igor Sirkovich
Hi Ken,

I had only one agenda item on my list: to review the Canadian FHIR Baseline project plan and timelines. We can definitely add the "naming convention for Simplifier Project Names" to our agenda today.

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4 years 11 months ago #5027 by Ken Sinn
Hi Igor,

Is there an agenda for today's call?
I would like to suggest naming convention for Simplifier Project Names; we are trying to standardize some of the Ontario FHIR Simplifier Project Names, and wanted to see how others in Ontario and in Canada felt about this common approach.


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4 years 11 months ago #4989 by Joel Francis
Hi Thomas/Randy,

There is no recommended approach for a provincial URI repository at the moment. The "BC Core" project is a provincial repository purchased and managed by the Ministry of Health in B.C on their own accord.

Alberta health services can get an account by contacting Firely directly and purchasing a license from them if it choose to do so or can create a repository hosted by themselves.

A project under the Canadian FHIR registry can be created for Alberta (ex: Alberta Provincial URI Registry Project) to serve as a provincial repository and then the Alberta team can create a custom built REST service to download host and serve the NamingSystem resources according to the jurisdictional Uri naming conventions you recommended (*) (Similar to the Infoway model with the custom search page). Creating a project under the Canadian FHIR registry will not only be free but also all projects are backed up by Infoway on a weekly basis to prevent any loss of data.

This could become the recommended approach and the conventions could be mentioned on the Infoway website for all other jurisdictions to follow if agreed upon at a solution architecture meeting or FHIR community monthly meeting or we can facilitate a jurisdictional representative meeting to discuss the best approach to meet everyone’s needs.

The Canadian URI project currently hosts national/pan-Canadian URIs. All data is owned and managed by the respective jurisdictional representatives. I don’t think that having a mix of provincial and national URIs was the intent form the inception of the project. Any syncing of data between a provincial registry and the Canadian URI registry will be done by the jurisdictional representative at their discretion.



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