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Canadian FHIR Registry

The Canadian FHIR® Registry supports collaborative development in an effort to accelerate sustainable growth of FHIR, locally and internationally. The registry is the home of national FHIR profiles recommended for use in Canada, including extensions, value sets, URIs and other useful, commonly used components. It is also host to a growing number of national, jurisdictional and locally shared FHIR projects, and is open at no cost to all Canadian implementers.

The Canadian FHIR Registry offers:

  • seamless integration of profile editing using Forge (free FHIR profile editor)
  • designated project space
  • supports project teams of up to 100 individuals
  • online authoring of implementation guides
  • integration with source control tools such as GitHub
  • version controlled environment

The Canadian FHIR Registry blends software development best practices with the requirements of modelling in FHIR, essential to delivering successful project requirements while having continuous access to structure validation, rendering and publishing.

Organization projects can be viewed without logging in. To edit or request a new project, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details.

View projects in the Canadian FHIR Registry

Service Level Agreement and Business Continuity should not be used in a production setting, as 24/7 support is not provided by Infoway or Firely®.

A project created in the Canadian FHIR Registry can be linked to an existing GitHub account. GitHub serves as a secondary backup and can sync the content in the project accordingly. Read details on how to set this up

Users of the Canadian FHIR Registry on the Simplifier platform can expect the following response time from the Firely team for any issue encountered.

Issue Premium Support Description
High Priority
  • Response time < 4 hours
  • Resolution time < 8 hours
Work halts and affects a large number of users
Medium Priority
  • Response time < 4 hours
  • Resolution time < 16 hours
Able to continue working but affects a small number of users
Low Priority
  • Response time < 4 hours
  • Resolution time < 24 hours
Able to continue work and affects a couple of users
  • Unlimited
Able to influence the product’s road map

Read an overview of the Service Level Agreement between Infoway and

All project artifacts are backed up weekly at midnight on Sundays. Each snapshot will be retained for 10 days. The project owner can request an as-is snapshot containing all the necessary artifacts such as text, xml, json, md and image files by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Forge License Agreement

As per the statement issued on the Firely blog,  Securing the future of Forge, the free version of Forge will be licensed for non-commercial use only starting January 1, 2020. To continue using Forge, users will need to be part of a paid plan on The current contract between Infoway and Firely for allows for an unlimited number of users of Forge. Infoway has received confirmation from Firely that this will remain unaffected until December 31, 2021. If the authors in belong to projects that are part of the Canadian FHIR Registry, they will be given rights through the administration processes of the platform conducted by Infoway.

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