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The latest on clinical interoperability across InfoCentral.


The Value of Citizen Access to Digital Health

A recently published article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research shows that Canadians and our health system reap significant benefits when patients can access their personal health records online and use digital health e-services.


Lorie Carey wins the 2019 LOINC Award for Distinguished Contributions

The award recognizes Lorie's "exceptional and enduring actions, activities and accomplishments that advance and promote LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes — a database and universal standard for identifying medical laboratory observations) and its use to improve health."


Thank you to the 2019 Infoway Partnership Sponsors

Generous sponsors of the 2019 Infoway Partnership Conference taking place in Ottawa, November 12 &13 include: Health Information Technology Service eHealth, Cognisant MD.


Did you know: Canadian FHIR Registry

Did you know that you can create, publish and share amazing FHIR® Implementation guides in the Canadian FHIR Registry?


Did you know that Infoway publishes a standards release schedule?

Have you ever wondered when the next version of a standard or terminology will be released? You’ll find the answer in Infoway’s Standards Release Centre.


April 2019 Subset Release

Review the release notes on InfoScribe to learn the details about the latest Subset release.


Updated Canadian Edition of SNOMED CT Available in TermWorks

Map to the January 2019 version of SNOMED CT Canadian Edition starting May 22, 2019. 


April release: Canadian Edition of SNOMED CT

This release includes new content to support various digital health implementations across the country.


Implementation Guidelines, Resources and Canadian Editorial Guidelines for SNOMED CT

Are you implementing SNOMED CT and have a request to add or change content? If you need help, we have guidelines and resources available.


We are hiring: Standards Subject Matter Expert

Provide standards and terminology expertise, including the following reference terminologies: SNOMED CT, LOINC, UCUM and HL7 code systems.


Looking for a health care standard for any Canadian jurisdiction?

Did you know that Infoway publishes a list of all the health care standards recommended for use or already implemented in Canada?

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