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About InfoCentral

InfoCentral is an open, group based community platform available for clinicians, e-health representatives, vendors, developers, and others interested in working collaboratively to accelerate clinical interoperability in Canada.

Through InfoCentral, visitors are able to join and monitor active discussion topics with others across the digital health landscape through a variety of topic and project oriented communities, working groups and implementation projects.

Join your peers across the country to:

  • Address interoperability priorities and challenges
  • Join and monitor active discussions topics
  • Connect with experts
  • Host meetings
  • Share news
  • Attend education sessions
  • Learn about upcoming events, and
  • Find relevant resources.

Learn how to get involved, or explore the list of working groups and communities for ones that match your interests.

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Improving the quality of patient care through the effective sharing of clinical information among health care organizations, clinicians and their patients.