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National Nursing Data Standards
The National Nursing Data Standards group’s goal is to increase the adoption and uptake of clinical data standards in Canada.
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The National Nursing Data Standards group’s goal is to increase the adoption and uptake of clinical data standards in Canada.


The National Nursing Data Standards group’s goal is to increase the adoption and uptake of clinical data standards in Canada.

This group will be of interest to individuals/organizations that are implementing clinical documentation – specifically admission and discharge assessments, within their clinical information systems. By participating in the group you will be aware of the clinical documentation standards that are being implemented across Canada and benefit from the lessons learned from other organizations that have implemented clinical data standards.

The adoption of national clinical data standards will:

  • Allow for consistent monitoring of outcomes across the continuum of care, thereby facilitating safe, quality care and continuity of care;
  • Enable national, peer-group comparability, providing both macro and micro insights to guide decision-making and inform funding requirements and health human resource planning;
  • Improve population health by enabling individuals to use consistently named, defined, and measured clinical outcomes data to understand and manage illness and improve their health.

Group Lead: Lynn Nagle, RN, PhD, FAAN

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Webinar: Pan-Canadian Asthma and COPD Standards for Electronic Health Records: The PRESTINE Initiative. 01/25/19
Dear Nursing Community members: The Health Terminologies community invites you to learn more about the Electronic Health Record work being done by PRESTINE in asthma and COPD. The webinar takes place on February 22 at noon ET. Details can be...
Island Health’s Essential Clinical Data Set on Admission to Acute Care: A Quality Improvement Partnership and Process 01/23/19
Infoway would like to thank Samantha and Amy for the great presentation yesterday on their Essential Clinical Data Set review process and results. What a great example of clinical engagement, change management and informatics work and more. The p...
Island Health’s Essential Clinical Data Set on Admission to Acute Care: A Quality Improvement Partnership and Process 12/04/18
Please join us on January 22, 2019 to learn about Island Health’s approach and process for problem solving the identified issues of over design and technology burden of clinical documentation in their Clinical Information System. Samantha Stockan...
2018 Women Leaders in Digital Health 11/16/18
Congratulations to Margie Kennedy for being recognized as one of the 2018 2018 Women Leaders in Digital Health. This award “recognizes those female visionaries who are harnessing the power of IT to transform Canadian health and healthcare” and from...
LOINC Webinar: Advancing the Interoperability of Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health on Monday August 20, 2018 07/25/18
... the free special LOINC webinar on Advancing the Interoperability of Social and Behavioural Determinants of Health on Monday August 20, 2018 from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT). This webinar will discuss the fundamental need for representing individu...
New documents on Nursing Data Standards 07/19/18
I have posted the Environmental scan of Nursing Data Reference Sets that was completed by Lori Block and also a 1 page Flyer about the NNDS work
National Nursing Data Standards Presentation Available for download 05/18/18
I am delighted to let you know that the National Nursing Data Standards presentation by Lynn Nagel and Peggy White, presented on May 16 is now available for download on InfoCentral:
Global Survey of SNOMED CT use done by SNOMED International 05/18/18
We invite you to participate in this survey conducted by SNOMED International. The complete information and link to the survey can be found on the new Health Terminologies Community forum at:
Participate in the LOINC Monthly meetings for Nursing Subcommittee 05/02/18
LOINC's Nursing Subcommittee will begin a series of online meetings starting Monday, May 7. All are welcome to attend these public meetings that will occur on the first Monday of each month at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. For more information, please see t...
Participate in the Clinical LOINC Nursing Subcommittee 03/14/18
The Nursing Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the LOINC Clinical Committee, is looking for new members and would welcome Canadian nursing expertise to the fold. The Clinical LOINC Committee focuses on fulfilling the mission of the LOINC Committee by...
NIH Resource 12/14/17
Thought this link might be of interest to some of you especially those in the clinical group. You can link to sites to learn more about standards such as LOINC and the latest published version of the Nursing Problem List (mapped to SNOMED-CT). https...
SNOMED International Nursing Clinical Reference Group 10/20/17
The recently published Nursing Activities and Nursing Health Issues Reference Sets were developed by the SNOMED International Nursing Clinical Reference Group. This active and influential group of dedicated individuals was established to ensure that...
SNOMED International Nursing Reference Sets Available (October 2017) 10/20/17
SNOMED International is pleased to announce the publication of two new nursing reference sets (refsets) to support nursing care, enable effective decision-making and inform nursing education and health policy. The refsets are the result of work done...
Proceedings from 2017 National Nursing Data Standards symposium 09/22/17
Hi Peggy, Could you please provide the link to the 2017 National Nursing Data Standards? I would like to distribute it to my colleagues at CIHI. Thanks
Proceedings from 2017 National Nursing Data Standards symposium 09/20/17
I have posted the proceedings of the 2017 National Nursing Data Standards symposium


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The Value of Clinical Data Standards for Nursing

This video was developed by CASN, Canada Health Infoway in collaboration with the Canadian Nursing Data Standards initiative developed this video outlining the value of clinical data standards within the health care system


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