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Object Identifier (OID)

Pan-Canadian Standards use Object Identifiers (OIDs) to distinguish between objects by assigning a numeric string that enables other systems to understand the unique information that is being shared between various systems.

Canada Health Infoway (Infoway), as the HL7 Canada Affiliate, has an arrangement in place with HL7 International that allows Infoway to submit OIDs to HL7 International free of charge, on behalf of Canadian Implementers who are members of the HL7 Canada Affiliate. There is a $500 USD fee per OID request if done directly with HL7 International and approval is required from HL7 Canada.

To submit an OID, follow the submission guidelines and download the registration form that corresponds to your OID request.

OID submission guidelines

  1. Jurisdictional Teams require 5-7 business days to process each request. It will be incumbent on the requestor to reply within this time frame to any questions and follow up as required. Any failure to do so will result in an automatic rejection and require resubmitting the request.
  2. The Requestor must post the OID requests on the following forums ONLY after consulting with the Jurisdiction/Infoway SME:
  3. Forum posts shall have the following format:

    Subject: New Namespace/CodeSystem/Subset OID Request
    • OID Description: “A description of the OID”
    • OID Symbolic name: Symbolic name guidelines
    • Responsible Body & Contact Information
    • Proposed FHIR URI: URI as per URI Guidelines
    • To be published: Canadian URI Registry/Terminology Gateway

    • Subject: Edit Namespace/CodeSystem/Subset OID Request
      • OID: “The actual OID ex. 2.16.840.1.113883.x.xxxx”
      • Responsible Body & Contact Information
      • Description of Requested Change

      • Subject: Deprecate Namespace/CodeSystem/Subset OID Request
        • OID: “The actual OID ex. 2.16.840.1.113883.x.xxxx”
        • Responsible Body & Contact Information
        • Reason for Deprecation
        • Superseded by OID, if any: The OID that should be used instead. Ex. 2.16.840.1.113883.x.xxxx

  4. There will be a wait period of 5 business days for the communities to react to the forum post with comments, questions or requests for clarification.
  5. FHIR URIs must be proposed for all jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional OID requests according to the URI Guidelines and must be published in the Canadian URI Registry. Publishing the URI is an optional but highly recommended step. The Requestor will submit a validated FHIR® NamingSystem resource object based on the NamingSystem profile to their jurisdictional representative who will then upload it.
  6. FHIR URIs must not be proposed for Subsets to be published on the Terminology Gateway as they will be generated automatically.
  7. The Forum post will be updated with the new OID.

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