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    InfoCentral helps connect knowledge, standards, tools and solutions with potential and existing users and enables collaboration for communities of practice.

    InfoCentral is a dynamic online community across two interconnected sites:

    InfoCentral Wiki This Site!


    A continuation of the current content rich wiki providing access to:

    • International and pan-Canadian Standards including:
      • pan-Canadian MTW and Messaging Artifacts
      • pan-Canadian Messaging Standards
      • HL7 International Standards
    • Standards implementation guides
    • pan-Canadian and jurisdictional EMR specifications
    • downloads and other tools and solutions to help you get up-and-running as quickly as possible when it comes to implementation
    • other materials, such as e-Prescribing specifications, Health System Use Data Extract specifications, and documentation regarding the jurisdictional EMR Upgrade Programs


    Community & Working Group Collaboration

    A dynamic group based community platform - available for clinicians, ehealth program representatives, vendors, developers, and others interested in advancing clinical interoperability in Canada.

    InfoCentral provides participants with the opportunity to join and monitor active discussion topics and work collaboratively with others in the industry to address common interoperability challenges.

    The new InfoCentral allows visitors to:
    • access standards, including SNOMED CT and pCLOCD
    • share news
    • connect with experts
    • host meetings
    • find details on upcoming events
    • attend education sessions
    • find relevant resources grouped by area of interest.

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    Overtime, the two platforms will merge bringing group functionality and rich content together for a seamless user experience.

    As much of the information in InfoCentral is covered by various agreements, access is carefully controlled, and certain areas are limited to members of specific groups.

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    • Access all standards material on InfoCentral by accepting the license agreements
    • Starting June 2015, fees will only be charged for select HL7 materials and HL7 International privileges
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    From Clinical Requirements to Specifications

    InfoScribe is an online solution that allows teams to collaboratively create, discuss, and publish clinical requirements and specifications.

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