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Current perspectives on interoperability challenges and solutions.

Three Decades of Empowering Diagnostic Decision-Making: LOINC's Milestone Celebration

Card World Standards Day 2021 ENWhile there is work ahead for interoperability in health care, let’s take a moment to celebrate the accomplishments thus far and extend our congratulations to LOINC on their 30-year milestone.

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The Importance of Standards in Health Care

Card World Standards Day 2021 ENJoin us in celebrating World Standards Day and learn more about the digital health standards that Infoway releases, which provide the technical nuts and bolts that drive interoperability in Canadian health care.

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Re-Examining the Social Determinants of Health

money, health, environment and connections are social determinants of healthThe COVID-19 pandemic has concretely demonstrated the impact that social factors can have on health and health equity. The new Social Determinants of Health Working Group on InfoCentral will explore how to incorporate social determinants of health (SDOH) concepts into digital health systems. Recently, the group's leaders joined our podcast to explore SDOH in more depth, and to discuss the new working group.

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Connecting the Hospital and the Home

7195 60a7d8b9e6f11We invited Dr. Michelle Grinman and Dr. Shauna Tierney to the Digital Health InfoCast, Infoway’s podcast, to discuss hospital at home care and their new InfoCentral community.

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Sex and Gender Working Group Ready for Action in 2021

Kelly DavisonThe action plan to modernize gender, sex and sexual orientation information practices in Canadian Electronic Health Record Systems was significantly advanced in 2020. New participants welcome to help put it into action this year.

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Integration of ICNP into SNOMED CT Brings Voice to Nursing Practice

Female Nurse Typing on Laptop at Desk iStock 687660868 thumbThe 2020 agreement between SNOMED International and the International Council of Nurses (ICN) is an opportunity to highlight the clinical work of nursing. Under the agreement, the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) will be incorporated into SNOMED CT, the world’s most comprehensive clinical terminology, with more than 350,000 active concepts, and SNOMED International will manage, produce and release the ICNP on behalf of ICN.

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Alana Lane, InfoCentral Health Terminologies Community Leader

Alane LaneStepping into the Spotlight: Alana Lane is a certified Health Information Management (HIM) Professional and works as a Program Lead in Classifications and Terminologies at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and is the co-chair of the Health Terminologies Community on InfoCentral.

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How Standards Protect our Planet

andrea macleanEach year on October 14, World Standards Day recognizes the collaborative efforts of experts across the globe to develop the standards underpinning our work in digital health. This year’s theme is “Protecting the Planet with Standards.” Andrea MacLean reflects on the importance of interoperability for patients, providers and the planet.

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Interoperability on FHIR

Joel FrancisWhether you’re a physician sending diagnostic imaging across the country or a patient checking lab results on a smartphone, it’s essential that different health information systems and devices can talk to each other. This flow of information between systems is interoperability, and it is essential to effective digital health, especially in Canada, where different provinces and territories look after their own systems.

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World Standards Day - October 14 2020

Standards IconThank you to all the volunteers that contribute to improving digital health through standards. Read one of Infoway’s spotlights of InfoCentral Standards Community leaders. 

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How One Parser Enables Interoperability for Cancer Care

Joel FrancisThere are a lot of forms in health care, however the data captured is often static — it can't be independently shared or queried. Looking to break down data silos in cancer care, two standandards were leverage, IHE and FHIR, enabling health information to be quickly and easily shared with specialists and others in the circle of care, facilitating better health outcomes.

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Beyond the Binary: Sex and Gender Information in EHRs

Katie BryskiHistorically, EHRs have used "sex" and "gender" interchangeably, but they are distinct (and nonbinary) concepts. As we observe Pride Month in Canada, read about the work being done in InfoCentral's Sex & Gender community to modernize Canada’s sex and gender information practices in digital health.

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Community Leader Spotlight: Marcy Antonio, Sex and Gender Working Group

Marcy AntonioStepping into the Spotlight: Marcy Antonio is a PhD Candidate at the University of Victoria, completing an interdisciplinary degree that pulls from Health Informatics, Nursing and Public Health with a focus on health equity and digital technologies, and is co-lead of InfoCentral’s Sex and Gender Working Group.

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Sex and Gender Working Group Leader Spotlight: Kelly Davison

kellyDavison 300x300Stepping into the Spotlight: Kelly Davison is a Registered Nurse that has practiced along the continuum of care in two provinces and he is a graduate of University of Victoria’s double degree MN/MSc (Health Informatics) program and the Health Terminology Standards program. Kelly brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to his leadership role in the Sex and Gender working group on InfoCentral.

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Genomics Informatics Leader Spotlight: Grant Gillis and Don Newsham

Genomics InformaticsStepping into the Spotlight: Grant Gillis and Don Newsham bring decades of health informatics experience to co-lead a community focused on meeting the need for relevant informatics standards for the rapidly growing field of omics, including genomics, proteomics and phenomics data, information and knowledge.

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Innovative Digital Solutions for Mental Health Care

kbalenkoCanadians with mental health issues are struggling to navigate the health system and often don’t know where to begin, resulting in trips to hospital emergency departments or, sadly, doing nothing at all. There is also still a stigma associated with having a mental illness that makes it difficult for them to reach out for help.

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Finnie Flores, InfoCentral Health Analytics Community Leader

Finnie FloresStepping into the Spotlight: Finnie Flores is a Program Lead in Architecture and Standards at Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and is a founding co-lead of the Health Analytics community on InfoCentral and previously was Co-Lead of Coordination of Care.

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World Standards Day 2019 - Video Standards Create a Global Stage

Celebrate by attending an Oct. 17 webinar highlighting the importance of virtual standards to enable a patient’s ability to self manage care, by reading a message from the IEC, ISO and ITU or by reading one of Infoway’s spotlights of InfoCentral Standards Community leaders. Thank you to all the volunteers that contribute to improving digital health through standards.

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Jason Nagels, InfoCentral Diagnostic Imaging Community Leader

Jason NagelsStepping into the Spotlight: Jason Nagels has spent the past decade working with Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Repository Services (HDIRS), a provincial diagnostic imaging repository, and is the current chair of Infoway’s Diagnostic Imaging community (DI), a group exploring imaging topics to accelerate clinical interoperability, such as Foreign Exam Management, Remote Reading and Radiology Synoptic Reporting.

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Andy French, InfoCentral Health Analytics Community Leader

andyfrenchStepping into the Spotlight: Andy French is a data management professional and the co-chair of the Health Analytics community, a space connecting providers, implementers and vendors working on solutions to enable analytics, both technically and from a business view across jurisdictions.

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