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Current perspectives on interoperability challenges and solutions.

Community Leader Spotlight: Diane Gutiw, InfoCentral Health Analytics

Diane GutiwStepping into the Spotlight: Dr. Diane Gutiw is Vice President of Analytics at CGI and was a founding co-chair of the Health Analytics community on InfoCentral. Prior to that, she served as co-lead of InfoCentral’s Coordination of Care community. Infoway connected with Dr. Gutiw to thank her for her years of service to the InfoCentral communities and to learn more about her thoughts on the impact these communities have had on digital health innovation in Canada.

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Derek Ritz, InfoCentral Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Community Leader

Derek RitzStepping into the Spotlight: Derek Ritz consults on strategy, digital health enterprise architecture, e-health standards, and national-scale digital health infrastructure implementation and adoption, plus he serves as leader of InfoCentral's IHE community. Learn more about Derek and how digital health solutions can help improve health outcomes across Canada.

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Dr. Francis Lau, InfoCentral Health Terminologies Community Leader

Francis LauStepping into the Spotlight: Dr. Francis Lau is a Professor in the School of Health Information Science at the University of Victoria and serves as co-leader of InfoCentral's Health Terminologies community. Learn more about Dr. Lau and how digital health solutions can help Canadians lead healthier lives.

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ACCESS 2022: Our Plan to Reclaim our Place as a Leader in Health Care

As Canadians, we’re proud of our health care system – it saves lives. For 50 years it’s stood for equality and compassion, but Canada is no longer a world leader in health care. We’re in the innovation age, but our health care has not kept up.

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Turning Hype into Value: IHE’s Important Role

Derek RitzWith the rising popularity of the FHIR standard, some have begun to wonder what role there is for IHE. IHE's role is to realize that value by taking innovations to scale and operationalizing the Interoperable Healthcare Ecosystem.

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Expanding ePrescribing and Access to Care across Canada

Infoway’s ACCESS Health program will empower Canadians to better manage their health and strengthen their care teams through digitally-enabled care.

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Celebrating World Standards Day 2018

Celebrate by reading a message form the IEC, ISO and ITU; and/or by attending an Oct. 15 webinar highlighting the role standards play in supporting innovative solutions within mental health and addictions. Thank you to all the volunteers that contribute to improving digital health through standards.

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Precision Medicine Requires Precision Communication and Precision Language

For as long as I have been working in health care, I have been hearing, reading and/or discussing the need for disparate IT and health care solutions to talk to each other — to communicate and share information.

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Catching FHIR in Canada: SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks Join the FHIR Implementations Working Group Agenda

If you or your team are building health solutions on the FHIR data standard but have yet to join the FHIR Implementations working group, its new work stream makes today an even more exciting time to do so.

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Why FHIR, Why Now?

To best utilize the capabilities of FHIR®, and to achieve the broadest possible scaling and interoperability of digital health applications, Canada Health Infoway is engaging with the Canadian health interoperability community to promote and support the strategic use of FHIR.

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Infoway Partnership Retrospective – Progress is Coming

Reflecting on three positive actions that will result in progress across all of Canada for sharing of patient data.

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University of Calgary research team wins award for National Guidelines for Clinical Photo Sharing and Smartphone Use

 National guidelines and best practices for mobile and smart devices are vital as the healthcare sector embraces the digital age.

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SNOMED CT: Canada in action

Canadian SNOMED CT implementations are actively contributing to digital health and better patient outcomes in Canada.

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SNOMED International - Global Approach to Healthcare and Standards

The development of a global language for health should be an international endeavor, utilizing the skills and efforts of experts from around the world.

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FHIR is here - get cooking

The promise of easier, faster integration using a standard embraces the best traits of modern web technology is attracting a rapidly growing audience.

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A Clinician’s Perspective: The benefits of FHIR for digital health

What does FHIR mean for physicians and patients?

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Interoperability Viewpoints - Partnership Conference

Were you part of the conversation? Let social media tell the Partnership 2016 "Interoperability" story from innovation through to engagement.

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How Is Your Health Care Team or Organization LEADing The Way?

The health care industry has been slower to adopt digital technologies, but is catching up fast as digitization continues. Is your organization leading the way with patient-focused digital health?

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Thoughts on e-Prescribing and Safety

It's important not to think of e-prescribing as an isolated end in itself. We really need a whole system and process built around getting medicines to patients.

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Ottawa Hospital mHealth Research Team Develops ImmunizeCA App

The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Research Team will be talking about an innovative solution to help Canadians track their immunization records at the 2016 Partnership Conference.

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