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International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Collaborate on topics with ISO/TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics and SC1 Global Health and Genomic Informatics.
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Collaborate on topics with ISO/TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics and SC1 Global Health and Genomic Informatics.


Keep up to date and collaborate on topics with ISO TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) and SC1 Global Health and Genomic Informatics. To become a member of this community select Join Group in the Group Menu. If you have an idea for a community, working group or project that will drive interoperability forward, let us know! Send us your suggestions.

For more information please visit here. For access to ISO TC215 Delegation Profiles visit here.

The ISO community currently has two areas of focus:

ISO/TC215 Health Informatics

ISO/TC215 enables standardization in the field of health informatics to facilitate the capture, interchange and use of health related data, information and knowledge to support and enable all aspects of the health system.

The ISO/TC215 community is structured through working groups that deliver standards in the following priority health infostructures and domains:

  • Architecture, Frameworks and Models (WG1)
  • Systems and Device Interoperability (WG2)
  • Semantic Content (WG3)
  • Security, Safety and Privacy (WG4)
  • Pharmacy and Medicines Business (WG6)
  • Safe, effective and secure health software and health IT systems, including those incorporating medical devices (JWG7)

Canada is proud to have a thriving ISO TC215 Canadian Constituency and actively participates in ISO TC215 ballots and standards development, through this community and the Canadian Mirror Committee of ISO TC215

For more information on the Canadian Mirror Committee of ISO TC215, contact the leaders below:


Elizabeth Keller, ISO/TC 215 Mirror Committee Chair & Head of Delegation (Canada), also Amazon Web Services, Business Development Healthcare Canada

Beverly Knight, ISO/TC 215 Mirror Committee Vice-Chair and WG3 Secretariat

Finnie Flores, ISO/TC 215 Mirror Committee Vice-Chair, also Program Lead, CGI

Sari Schapira, ISO/TC215 Secretariat Support Canada Health Infoway

ISO/TC215 Subcommittee 1: SC1 Genomics Informatics

The Genomics Informatics Subcommittee enables TC 215 to offer a more focused program of international standardization for omics data, information and associated knowledge to support improvements in clinical care, population health, precision medicine and clinical research. This Standards Council of Canada SC1 Mirror Committee provides the coordination, communications, work item commenting, balloting and voting for Genomics Informatics standards.


Standardization of computable data, information, and knowledge, including their representation and metadata, for the application of omics, including but not limited to genomics, phenomics and proteomics, to support human health and clinical research.

What are ISO subcommittees?

ISO/TC215 launched its first Subcommittee in the fall of 2019: SC1 Genomics Informatics. Subcommittees in ISO are a key structure for delivering standards and are formed within and aligned to the parent committee, which for SC1 is the ISO/Technical Committee 215 - Health Informatics. Subcommittees identify, develop, ballot and publish standards for a domain of interest that is within the domain of the parent committee.

For more information on the Canadian Mirror Committee of ISO TC215/SC1, contact the leaders below:


Grant Gillis, ISO/TC215 SC1 Mirror Committee Chair and Head of SC1 Delegation, Director, Provincial Strategic Intiatives, HIM, Alberta Health Services

Don Newsham, ISO/TC215 SC1 Mirror Committee Administrator


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Feb-9 Webinar: pan-Canadian Patient Summary (PS:CA) introduction and Projectathon sign-up details 02/03/22

Attention Canadian digital health community B) (IHE, HL7 FHIR, DICOM, SNOMED, ISO... all teammates!): IHE Canada is hosting an information session on the pan-Canadian Patient Summary initiative (PS:CA) and on the upcoming Projectathon event tha...

ISO 2030 Strategy 03/29/21

Hello all, ISO's 2030 strategy is available here: Finnie

New Look for ISO TC215 Community InfoCentral pages 03/29/21

Hi guys In case you didn't notice we have made significant changes to the InfoCentral Standards and Community pages. This is what has changed: We combined the Genomics Community with the ISO TC215 Community to streamline and align the inform...

Question 02/12/21

I am suspicious that "princess32604" is actually one of Derek's accounts, given the inevitability of getting around to mention of IHE's IPS and the discussion and information sharing that has arisen on this topic. :D Seriously, I hope that the OP...

Question 02/12/21

Peter, I had a good chuckle at your reference to our SYNAPSE project 20 years ago!! Apparently, it's still in operation in the Yukon (last time I checked). :) To the group: cross-border movement of patient information is currently best exemplifi...

Question 02/12/21

This was obviously a timely question, given the enthusiastic participation! As Finnie hints, we all dream of the day that our Canadian health care teams can video conference with providers and patients in other countries and can share records back...

Question 02/12/21

Hi Stephanie, Our response was based on our personal knowledge. Just to be clear, when we say that Canada does not yet share EHR-data, we don't mean sharing PHI on paper or even in digital format such as those carried by individuals through their...

Question 02/11/21

Hi Stephanie, Just to build on that knowledgeable answer from Peter, the staff at SickKids work with international PHI every day through the International Patient Program (IPP) ( P...

Question 02/11/21

It is not actually forbidden to exchange personal health information (PHI) internationally. In fact, Canadians who work outside of Canada (diplomats, military personnel) and other travellers ("snow-birds," anyone on vacation who has an accident) hav...

Question 02/11/21

Thanks for mentioning the Standards Knowledge Management Tool, Peter. That is a great resource for definitions and also as a reference for many standards in digital health and health informatics. And it demonstrates the challenges we have with defi...

Question 02/11/21

Fortunately for us, the ... narrows it down to 21 terms, 49 definitions and 30 parts. :)

Question 02/11/21

I recall on being on a committee with Peter Schloeffel and Sam Heard back in 2003 with ISO TC 215 where we came up with a definition of the EHR. In our discussions there were different ideas expressed as to what an EHR should be. After a while it was...

Question 02/11/21

Thank you for this information! Would you have a link to some information regarding why Canada does not exchange PHI internationally that I could cite in my research paper?

Question 02/11/21

Hi Stephanie, As far as we know, Canada currently does not share EHR-related data outside of Canada. However, enablers, particularly, standards are available for this to happen. Some examples of standards (which have varying levels of implementati...

Question 02/11/21

Hi Iryna, It just means that different organizations, communities, etc. use different definitions of "EHR". Cheers, Katie


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