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International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Collaborate on topics with ISO/TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics.
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Collaborate on topics with ISO/TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics.

À propos de nous

ISO/TC215 enables standardization in the field of health informatics to facilitate the capture, interchange and use of health related data, information and knowledge to support and enable all aspects of the health system.

The ISO/TC215 community is structured through working groups that deliver standards in the following priority health infostructures and domains:

  • Architecture, Frameworks and Models (WG1)
  • Systems and Device Interoperability (WG2)
  • Semantic Content (WG3)
  • Security, Safety and Privacy (WG4)
  • Pharmacy and Medicines Business (WG6)
  • Safe, effective and secure health software and health IT systems, including those incorporating medical devices (JWG7)

Currently, TC215 standards development work addresses health and health informatics needs including:

- Health information / data (definition, content, models, representation)

- Requirements (medications, EHR’s, use case, security)

- Genomics (data, quality and reliability metrics, markup languages)

- Semantic content representation (specifications, terminology resources, models, structure, competencies and content, big data)

- Health data, software and systems safety and privacy (management of risk)

- Pharmaceutical product information system safety, efficiency and interoperability (medicinal product identification, implementation guides)

- Medical device interoperability

- Standards sets (Patient Summaries, etc.)

Standards sets are key new interoperability initiatives in the ISO and Standards Development Organization (SDO) communities, starting with a clinical imaging standard ‘bundle’ at ISO and supporting the Joint Initiative Council’s (JIC) patient summary standards set published in early 2018, all building from ISO/TC215 and other SDO base standards.

Canada is proud to have a thriving ISO TC215 Canadian Constituency and actively participates in ISO TC215 ballots and standards development, through this community and the Canadian Mirror Committee of ISO TC215

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For more information on the Canadian Mirror Committee of ISO TC215, contact Elizabeth Keller (Chair & Head of Delegation Canada), or Bev Knight (Vice-Chair) or Finnie Flores (Vice-Chair) as community leaders.

If you have an idea for a community, working group or project that will drive interoperability forward, let us know! Send us your suggestions


Elizabeth Keller, ISO/TC 215 Mirror Committee Chair & Head of Delegation (Canada), also Vice-President Product Strategy & Delivery OntarioMD

Beverly Knight, ISO/TC 215 Mirror Committee Vice-Chair and WG3 Secretary

Finnie Flores, ISO/TC 215 Mirror Committee Vice-Chair, also Program Lead, CIHI

Sari Schapira, ISO/TC215 Secretariat Support Canada Health Infoway


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Collaborate on topics with ISO/TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics.
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Collaborate on topics with ISO/TC215, the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics.


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ISO TC 215 Webinar; July 9th at noon ET 06/26/20
Hi Please join us for an overview of the hot topics within ISO TC 215 ISO/TC 215 is actively working on standardization on high priority, relevant initiatives needed today in the Canadian digital health space. Following are timely works that will...
Cross-Post: SNOMED International Strategy and Work Plan feedback: July 31, 2020 06/22/20
Dear ISO/TC 215 and Genomics members, Please see this posting I made to the Health Terminologies community earlier today: https://infocentral.infoway-inforoute.ca/en/forum/254-health-terminologies/3403-seeking-canada-s-feedback-snomed-internation...
ISO Digital Health Webinar - Progress Update - THANKS everyone! 03/03/20
Thanks everyone for attending our national webinar on the latest and greatest work being done on the ISO Standards front! Please find the link to the webinar presentation for those who missed it! ...
ISO Digital Health Webinar 02/12/20
the webinar is Feb 20th noon-1pm ET
ISO Digital Health Webinar 02/12/20
Please join the ISO TC 215 Mirror Committee to learn and discuss the exciting work going on in the international space that is of value and relevant to digital health in Canada. The topics that will be covered are: Patient Summary, Information Gove...
ISO/TC 215 - Health Informatics standards adoption 01/10/20
Hello all, The leadership of the Canadian mirror committee for ISO/TC 215 - Health Informatics is interested in hearing about adoption/implementation of any of the ISO/TC 215 standards in Canadian health care. If your organization has adopted/impl...
We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on the 2019 Standards Webinar Series - Online satisfaction survey 11/08/19
Cross-post: The 2019 introductory level standards webinar series for clinician and primary health care professionals has concluded and consisted of the following topics: .... We are seeking your feedback to help identify just how relevant an...
Dr. Marion Lyver presentation on ISO TC215 work on Intelligent EHRs: Aug 23: 1400-1500 hrs ET 08/23/19
Dear ISO members. I just noticed that Dr. Marion Lyver will be giving a presentation on ISO TC215 work on Intelligent EHRs at the InfoCentral FHIR workgroup meeting this afternoon. Please see Igor's post to learn more: https://infocentral.info...
Invitation to participate in Canada's contribution to the update of ISO/TS13131 Telehealth Quality Guidelines 07/16/19
Greetings colleagues. As you may know, Canada has agreed to be one of the 5 countries participating in the update of ISO/TS13131 from a technical specification to an international standard. Many of you will remember that Canada authored the origi...
ISO Focus March/April 2019 Issue - The anatomy of healthcare 03/18/19
Our TC215 committee is featured in this month's ISO Focus, The anatomy of healthcare is begun with the following lead-in, "Whether you are being admitted to the hospital, getting medical treatment or simply doing your annual check-up, take a look at...
International Patient Summary Presentation 03/14/19
Great comments Michael. A few additional points: - Ron, it would be great also to post the IPS presentation on the ISO forum, for all our ISO colleagues for their viewing and interest. - I quite agree that the challenge of interoperability for any...
International Patient Summary Presentation 03/12/19
Last week there was a webinar hosted by HL7 Canada on this topic. Slides were circulated in the HL7 and IHE InfoCentral communities. I thought that my comments would be of interest here as well: X-Post from HL7 Canada Community: Thanks for po...
ISO TC 215 Canada Invite to EU International Patient Summary Pres at HL7 Canada Call 03/04/19
Hello everyone. (Please forgive my cross-postings to other potentially interested communities). Just a reminder for our ... tomorrow at 12:00 Eastern time and a special presentation on the International Patient Summary by Robert Hausam of HL7 USA...
ISO/TC215 Webinar: “How Canada is supporting new Standards in Safety, Effectiveness and Security for Health Software and Systems” – Oct 11/18, 12:00-1:00pm ET 10/02/18
The ISO community will be hosting a Webinar on “How Canada is supporting new Standards in Safety, Effectiveness and Security for Health Software and Systems” – Oct 11/18, 12:00-1:00pm ET. Did you know that Canada is a world leader and contributor...
Intro to IDMP and how it will be used in Canada 09/18/18
Hello On behalf of Craig Anderson and myself, thankyou to those who participated in the webinar. The slides can be found here ... Thankyou Beverly


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