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Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

Health care and health information professionals collaborating to improve information sharing between health care technology systems.
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Health care and health information professionals collaborating to improve information sharing between health care technology systems.

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What is IHE?

Unlike HL7 (or ISO, or SNOMED, or WHO, etc.), IHE is not a health informatics standards development body. Rather, IHE is a standards profiling body. IHE Profiles are implementation guides – they make standards digestible, usable, and implementable. They describe, at a conformance-testable level of detail, how a portfolio of underlying standards will be employed to address the ecosystem-wide interoperability issues associated with a specific set of healthcare use cases. IHE Profiles create re-usable, digital health building blocks by “packaging up” the 5C’s:

  • Care context
  • Content specs
  • Coding specs
  • Communications specs
  • Confidentiality and security specs

The target audience for an IHE profile is the entire care delivery network. This especially includes the jurisdictional governance entities that are tasked with operationalizing plug-and-play interoperability between disparate network participants. IHE is focused on taking digital health interoperability to scale and to mitigating the risks inherent in such an effort.

What is the IHE Community?

The IHE Community is a place where health care professionals and the health information industry collaborate to improve the way health care technologies and systems share information.

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Derek Ritz, P.Eng., CPHIMS-CA
ecGroup Inc.


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April-11 IHE Canada community update and BIG NEWS release :-) 04/11/23

Hello Folks, The recording of todays call is now available in the Videos section of the IHE Canada Community on InfoCentral. Best Regards, Joanie

April-11 IHE Canada community update and BIG NEWS release :-) 04/06/23

Hi all -- and apologies for short notice on this meeting announcement. We will have an IHE Canada community meeting April-11 (Tuesday) at noon EDT. I will be joined by Infoway teammate, Attila Farkas, to give an update related to our recent Projec...

Cross Post - Webinar: March 24, 12pm EST - Moving Your Images/PACS to the Cloud 02/17/23

Join us for an informative webinar on "Moving Your Images/PACS to the Cloud? - Cloud-Based Medical Imaging" on March 24 at 12pm-1pm EST. This event is open to all healthcare professionals interested in learning more about cloud-based medical imaging....

IHE North American Connectathon 02/08/23

Hi all -- just a quick note to let community members know that system registration closes soon for next month's IHE North American Connectathon. More information about how to sign-up for digital health solution testing, and about registration for the...

Cross Post - Webinar: January 20, 12pm EST - Implementation of Digital Pathology 01/11/23

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from industry experts about the benefits and challenges of implementing digital pathology in your organization. Join us for a Canada Health Infoway health webinar featuring Dr. Bich N. Nguyen, who will sh...

Deadline Dec-7 for IHE North American Connectathon scholarships 12/06/22

Hi all -- I hope this note finds everyone safe and well. :) This is a last-minute reminder to any teams -- especially open source teams -- that may want to conformance-test their digital health solutions at the 2023 North American Connectathon an...

A Practical Conversation about Enterprise Imaging Webinar - Friday, November 18 11/14/22

A Practical Conversation about Enterprise Imaging Webinar on Friday, November 18, 2022, 12:00pm - 01:00pm ET In this session, Don Dennison and Dr. Chris Roth sit down with the Infoway EI Community to share what they are excited to see at this year's...

Cybersecurity - Imaging and DICOM Considerations Webinar - Fri Oct 21 @12:00PM 10/20/22

Hello Everyone, Just a reminder the webinar is tomorrow at 12pm.

Cybersecurity - Imaging and DICOM Considerations Webinar - Fri Oct 21 @12:00PM 10/14/22

Cybersecurity - Imaging and DICOM Considerations Webinar on Friday October 21, 2022 at 12pm (EST) RANSOMWARE IR PLAYBOOK TO REMEMBER & AN ART OF BUILDING RESILIENCE The rise of ransomware and other tactics for cyber criminals over the past few...

Vidéo en français: Introduction à IHE en 300 secondes 10/01/22

Bonjour, J'ai traduit en français la vidéo originale ( anglais ... ) de Derek Ritz. Maintenant on a une vidéo équivalente en français : ... . Cette vidéo d'introduction permet de facilement partager ce qu'est IHE Canada. Cordialement, Dan...

Imaging AI and Its Impact in Real Life Webinar Friday September 23 09/22/22

Hello Everyone, Just a reminder that the webinar is tomorrow (September 23) at 12pm EST.

IHE has published a new Strategic Plan... and it has important implications. 09/20/22

Hi all -- and happy autumn! I hope everyone had a good summer and is re-charged for the resumption of activities (including in-person meetings, again)! B) News FLASH: On September 10, IHE International published its new 2022 Strategic Plan! IHE...

Imaging AI and Its Impact in Real Life Webinar Friday September 23 09/13/22

Dear Colleagues, Welcome back to a new season of Enterprise Imaging webinars. Upcoming webinar on the topic of 'Imaging AI and its Impact in Real Life". The webinar is scheduled for September 23 @ 12pm EST. Artificial intelligence (AI) in diagn...

What You Must Know about Cybersecurity for Healthcare and Imaging Webinar - May 13, 2022 04/29/22

Hi Everyone, The Canada Health Infoway EI Community will be having our final webinar series for this season. Our next webinar is on Friday May 13, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) on the topic: "What You Must Know about Cybersecurity for...

Wed, Apr-20 noon ET: Review the draft IHE Canada annual report 04/27/22

Hi everyone -- this is to update the community regarding our 2022 IHE Canada annual report to the IHE International Board. The final version of the report is found, here: ... As an important note regarding this final version -- a small edit has...


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April 2023 IHE Update

April 2023 IHE Update

IHE Community Meeting (2022-09-26)

This is a video recording of the IHE Community Meeting held Sep-26 2022 to review activities at the 2022 IHE Connectathon and to review and discuss the newly published IHE Strategic Plan.



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