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Medication Management

A national medication management stakeholder community sharing knowledge, information and resources to promote medication safety practices.
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A national medication management stakeholder community sharing knowledge, information and resources to promote medication safety practices.


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A national medication management stakeholder community sharing knowledge, information and resources to promote medication safety practices.

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A national medication management stakeholder community sharing knowledge, information and resources to promote medication safety practices.


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Cross-posting: Health Analytics Community February 23, 2023 meeting at 2 PM 02/15/23

Hello all, The Health Analytics Community is pleased to host Dr. Salim Samanani, a medical specialist in public health and health informatics who serves as the CEO and Medical Director of OKAKI. He will be presenting on the evolution of OKAKI’s an...

Update: CCDD Versions on Terminology Gateway 11/30/22

Hello All, We will only be maintaining the most recent versions of the Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set (CCDD) files on Terminology Gateway. This will ensure the best performance when downloading these files. You will find the versions from 2021...

CCDD Editorial Guidelines Update 10/13/22

Minor Revisions have been made to the CCDD Editorial Guidelines and have been posted with this month's content release. Additional details are provided below. The following sections have received minor edits: Intended Use of the CCDD Appen...

Please join the HL7 Canada Community meeting on August 2nd at 12pm ET 07/28/22

Hello Medication Management Community, HL7 Canada is inviting you to join the HL7 Canada Community meeting on August 2 where we will be discussing the upcoming HL7 Ballot for the Cross-Paradigm Implementation Guide: Sex and Gender Representation,...

Change in Ingredient Scopolamine Butylbromide to HYOSCINE BUTYLBROMIDE in CCDD 07/05/22

In January 2019, the CCDD team chose to use the term scopolamine butylbromide over hyoscine butylbromide in the CCDD, despite the fact hyoscine butylbromide is used in Health Canada’s Drug Product Database. The two terms are synonyms, and since scopo...

XPOST: Off-Cycle Expanded RouteOfAdministration subset available on Terminology Gateway 04/27/22

Greetings, The expanded RouteOfAdministration subset is now available on the Terminology Gateway. The 20220427 version is an off-cycle release which reflects enhancements stemming from PS-CA work and recent consultations. These changes will be refl...

XPOST: RouteOfAdministration Expansion Proposal Meeting Deck and Follow-up 04/11/22

Greetings folks, Many thanks to those who were able to make the meeting today. I have posted the slide deck to the documents folder of the HTC forum, which can be accessed .... As discussed, please provide all feedback before April 13. If you h...

XPOST: Feedback requested: Proposal to Expand the Membership of RouteOfAdministration Subset / proposition d'ajout de membres au sous-ensemble RouteOfAdministration 04/07/22

Based on pan-Canadian requirements emerging from the Canadian Patient Summary (PS-CA) work, Infoway has identified an opportunity to enhance interoperability in Canada by expanding the definition and membership of the SNOMED CT CA Edition subset Rout...

Scientific Notation to be introduced into CCDD for the May 2021 release 04/27/21

Please be advised that beginning with the May 2021 CCDD release, any strength value ≥1x109 will be expressed using scientific notation in the following format, 1e9. This change will affect two published concepts, one NTP and one MP each, which will b...

COVID-19 vaccines to be added to CCDD starting January 2021 12/22/20

This is to advise you that COVID-19 vaccine concepts will be included in CCDD beginning with the January update. In order to provide this content in a timely fashion, COVID-19 vaccine content will be added to the existing CCDD files (TM, NTP, MP and...

Health Canada Code Systems - cross posted 11/17/20

I have updated the OID descriptions as noted below. Marc's corrections for AIGc and AIGn have been included however, for consistency with the UTG project, the descriptions for hcAIC was updated to the description that Health Canada provided. Al...

CCDD Immunization Discussion Nov 3, noon ET 11/12/20

Hello On behalf of Health Canada's Health Products and Food Branch (CCDD Unit) I would like to thankyou to those who joined the call. please find the meeting notes here ... Regards Beverly

Health Canada Code Systems - cross posted 11/06/20

*Note: Contains "boardcode", recommend viewing on forum. Plain text email will not show corrections properly. I have some concerns: 1. AIC: The updated description referring to foreign keys of various tables is inappropriate. The current des...

Health Canada Code Systems - cross posted 11/06/20

We met with Daniel Buijs from Health Canada yesterday to review all of the Health Canada Code Systems - (CCDD, DIN, NPN, AIGn, AIGc, AIC). In the course of that conversation, we received updated information for the Code Systems - mainly updated email...

CCDD Immunization Discussion Nov 3, noon ET 10/26/20

Here is the link to the presentation that will be used for the discussion; ... Here is the link to the CCDD Immunization file format (that will be incorporated within the CCDD Technical Specification; ... Here are the links to the CCDD Immuniza...


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5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications

Empower your patients to ask questions to keep them safe from medication harm. Presented by ISMP Canada



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