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Canadian URI Registry

The Canadian URI Project is a repository of identifier and code system namespaces. Capturing key metadata as FHIR® NamingSystem resources provides an automatic mapping of OIDs to URIs or vice versa.

To make the discovery of these artifacts more flexible, the Canadian URI Registry (alpha) was developed to allow artifacts to be queried via plain text, OID, URI or their respective identifiers. These identifiers are created according to the URI guidelines and posted to the FHIR Solution Architecture Workstream for approval.

It is important to note that all searchable artifacts are to be curated via the Canadian URI Project in Simplifier. There are ongoing discussions with the FHIR Solution Architecture Stream to have a single representative manage data for their respective jurisdictions.

A scheduled task is run periodically, making all new or modified artifacts searchable after a 20 minute window.

Search the Canadian URI Registry (alpha)

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