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A subset is a set of concepts or terms taken from a larger set for the purposes of facilitating the adoption or implementation of health terminologies. At the time subsets are published they are created against the most current version of the standard. Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) maintains these subsets in partnership with Provincial, Territorial, and Federal e-Health agencies from across Canada working towards the successful implementation of digital health solutions.

Infoway plays an important role in reviewing and hosting subsets on Terminology Gateway for jurisdictions and organizations to utilize. Further information related to subsets releases, pan-Canadian subsets and additional terminology content can be found in the “Learn more” section about Subsets below.

In Terminology Gateway, the “Subsets” section identifies subsets developed by Infoway to support the implementation of pan-Canadian solutions. These subsets include constrained lists of allowable values or terminology from the source code systems (i.e. SNOMED CT Canadian Edition, pCLOCD, UCUM, SCP or HL7).

The additional terminology content section of Terminology Gateway has subsets that are developed and shared by jurisdictions to support interoperabile EHR solutions in their organization or jurisdiction. These subsets are vendor-neutral, they support interoperability and decrease the cost of creating and maintaining a new subset. 

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To access licensed international and national health information standards (e.g. SNOMED CT), simply login to your Infoway Account and reconfirm acceptance of the Terms of Use and License Agreements annually. Fees are only collected for access and use of HL7 International materials.

All SNOMED CT, LOINC and Infoway software tools are available at no cost to users with an active Infoway account. Information provided during Infoway Account registration may be used to respect our contractual commitments with licensors such as HL7 International and SNOMED International, or to request feedback on artifacts downloaded via Terminology Gateway or Terminology API. Email us to opt out from receiving feedback emails of terminology downloads from the maintaining organization.

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