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Change Management Network

A group of change leaders, committed to being a source for leading edge change management information and tools to support the evolution of change management in health care.
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Contact: Linda Monico
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A group of change leaders, committed to being a source for leading edge change management information and tools to support the evolution of change management in health care.


Managing Change and Collaboration for Effective Digital Health Solutions Implementation

The Change Management Network (CMN) brings together change leaders and practitioners, from coast to coast from national health care organizations, to collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences. The network communicates, educates and promotes the value of using change management (CM) methodologies, approaches, and tools at every stage of digital health solution implementation for successful clinical adoption and the realization of health benefits.


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Testing Forum Posting in PROD environment (please ignore) 06/12/22

Hello, This is an email test for forum posting in the production environment for InfoCentral. Thank you, InfoCentral Support Testing link to document: ...

Key to Change is Middle Management 04/03/18

good points made by the author. CM has so many integral parts that all rely on human behavioral change. JB

Digital Transformation - What we miss 04/03/18

Business leaders report that 70% of business transformation projects fail. This is not an accurate reflection of reality. While some are a lesson-learned in poor fit, the bulk of initiatives do work, just not to expectations. The disappointments o...

Key to Change is Middle Management 03/13/18


CM in Action 02/27/18

Change Management is no longer a matter of talking about strategies and approaches to change and transition. It is now about showcasing its value in action thereby triggering change stories that can be retold as examples of how they have been used....

Global Digital Health Partnership launched in Australia 02/27/18


Beyond Adoption: A New Framework for Theorizing and Evaluating Nonadoption, Abandonment, and Challenges to the Scale-Up, Spread, and Sustainability of Health and Care Technologies 02/12/18


A Patient Partner’s Reflections on the Infoway Partnership Conference 12/14/17

This is for those who were able to attend Infoway's Partnership. I really felt that the presence of the patients in the room and their voices humanized the entire conference for me. ...

What every change management approach is missing....Transition and Sustainability talk! 12/06/17

... Would you agree to add the following 'Transition Components' to complete our Change Management Framework? 1. Transition to Operations 2. Sustainability Let's review the literatures together:(more to follow) - Registered Nurses’ Associati...

Digital Engagement Platforms 11/24/17

Depending on where you look, it is between 65-67% of Canadians have smart phones. There is definitely a shift to digital platforms happening that proved to be a viable alternative venue for engagement. What are your experiences on digital engagem...

Bridging the Change Leadership Gap, Sandy Pagotto - CHA Learning 11/21/17

Love this article, a spot on depiction of how Change Management and Change Leadership intertwines and that although the two concepts are different that they are joined at the hip to ensure gaps in managing and leading change are addressed. Change...

Change Management & Change Leadership - A Dynamic Duo Workshop (Calgary, Alberta) 11/21/17

We would like to thank each and every one of you who were able to join the workshop in Calgary for allowing us to facilitate your learning on November 16th. This is just the beginning of more pan Canadian engagement for Change Leaders! Our hope is...

Change Day! AB, BC & ON joined forces! 10/23/17

What is Change Day? Change Day is a social movement encouraging people to commit to making a change that will improve their own health and wellness, the health and wellness of others, and better health outcomes. Just one change can have a huge impac...

Nouvelle étude publiée sur les applications mobiles et les appareils intelligents pour la santé 09/21/17

Bonjour, J'espère que vous avez passé un bel été. Je souhaiterais attirer votre attention sur une nouvelle étude publiée le 19 septembre dernier, intitulée ..., car je crois qu’elle pourrait vous intéresser. Plus particulièrement, cette é...

New Study Released on Mobile Apps and Smart Devices for Health 09/21/17

Dear Change Management Network Members, I hope you had a nice summer. I am reaching out today because I thought you may be interested in the results of the ... study which was released on September 19. The study examines the results from...


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Change Practitioner (Re-post)

FLIMP Studios (Reposted from the Discussion Thread)

Overcoming Resistance to Change - Isn't It Obvious?

The World with Theory of Constraints (TOC)



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