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map-pin Solution Architecture work stream

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4 years 6 months ago #5488 by Michael Savage

Igor Sirkovich
Finnie Flores
Harsh Sharma
Finnie Flores
Natalya Pogrebetsky
Joel Francis
Rita Pyle
Shamil Nizamov
Sheridan Cook
Ken Sinn
Alex Goel

Working Session

• The group on the call worked through the key stakeholder groups to be engaged in regards to the Canadian Core project
• Rationales / purposes for engagement are drafted for each of the groups listed; these bullets are intended to explain what we are asking each of the groups to do (e.g. provide feedback on profiles, provide insight on relevant jurisdictional policies, etc.)
• Drafted bullets can be reviewed on the google deck (slide 10):

Review of Available Tool for Substreams to Review Profiles

• Shamil presented an excel spreadsheet-based approach for the substreams to track the issues / decisions raised during their weekly calls
• Will announce the Entities and Medication Substreams’ weekly meeting dates and times on Monday the 18th; plan so far is to have the meetings begin in the following week

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4 years 6 months ago #5479 by Ken Sinn
The FHIR Solution Architecture work stream will be hosting the FHIR Canadian Baseline (CA-Core) Governance discussion on this week's call.
  • This will be a working session where the attendees provide input on what the rationale is for engaging each stakeholder group.
  • What are we asking that stakeholder group to DO in relation to the Canadian Core Project? (e.g. provide feedback on profiles)
  • The objective of doing this (i.e. filling these rationales out for each SH group) is to work toward a stakeholder engagement and communications structure where the community feels supported when it comes to volunteering to engage those stakeholders in their network.

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4 years 6 months ago #5435 by Finnie Flores
Hi Shamil,

Could you please expand a little bit more in terms of what you are looking for? Also, do you have a related project? Would appreciate more info to see if maybe there is an opportunity to collaborate.


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4 years 6 months ago #5433 by Shamil Nizamov

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4 years 7 months ago #5386 by Ken Sinn
- Ken Sinn
- Jorge Pichardo
- Alex Goel
- Harsh Sharma
- Joel Francis
- Randy Nonay
- Shamil Nizamov
- Natalya Pogrebetsky
- Thomas Zhou


IHE SDC on FHIR Webinar
- There will be a webinar next Wednesday
- The IHE SDC on FHIR presentation that has evolved since the previous presentation to this group, based on learnings from the HL7 Atlanta FHIR Connectathon and from Lloyd and the FHIR SDC IG working group
- See for webinar details

Governance Discussion
- Phil Alcaidinho was not on the call, so the participants were unable to address Phil's questions regarding the Ministry and FHIR North. The group was unaware of any specific discussions or activities regarding the Ministry and CA-Core

Technical Question on Distributed Calls/Response
- Ken asked for guidance around best practices for the appropriate behaviour/response for a FHIR API that in turns calls other FHIR APIs -- if one/some of the underlying FHIR APIs return failures, should the initial FHIR API return a failure or partial success? This may also be generalized to RESTFul best practices with chained/distributed calls
- Joel suggested looking at XA - Distributed Transactions, which says that if underlying transactions fail, the top-level transaction should also fail. This is from J2EE implementations/specifications, which relied on underlying enterprise bean transactions

Ken moved to adjourn the call early, Alex seconded.

Action Items:
- None

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4 years 7 months ago #5385 by Ken Sinn

PAlcaidinho wrote: Is anyone opposed to more governance discussion on Friday 10/4 if nothing else is added to the agenda?

Have we determined what specific comments will be presented to the Ministry at the FHIR North conference on 10/16? Should we spend some of our time gathering our thoughts to be able to better articulate our case?

I'm regulatory and policy-driven and would like to assist this effort from that angle.

I have enjoyed reading the discussions on this thread. Thank you all for your continued effort and tireless work.

Thanks for the suggestion, Phil.
Happy to entertain continued discussion. I'll take down any discussion items raised in the minutes, but note that a lot of the folks who attend CA-Core calls may not be on this Solution Architecture workstream call.

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