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SNOMED CT Agreements

If you have an Infoway account and accept the SNOMED CT license agreements annually, you may:

  • review SNOMED CT for the purposes of personal study to help increase your understanding,
  • submit a Request for Change and participate in standards-related discussions,
  • incorporate, distribute and use SNOMED CT in products,
  • develop an operating information systems with SNOMED CT, or
  • create extensions or derivatives of a national or international release such as cross-maps and subsets and for research purposes.

There are two agreements that are required prior to getting access to SNOMED CT material.

  • the SNOMED CT Affiliate Agreement EN & FR, September 2023, and
  • the SNOMED CT Canadian National License Agreement EN & FR, September 2023.
SNOMED International Specific Conditions
partners Sharing with non-Member Countries

As an Affiliate Licensee you can allow the International Release of SNOMED CT to be used in other countries that are NOT SNOMED International Members. However, prior to use in the non-Member country you are required to notify SNOMED International and Infoway. You are also required to:

  • Submit an annual report of usage in non-Member countries
    • Itemizing hospitals & practices in each non-Member country
    • Indicating uses that need agreement on fees
  • Pay fees to SNOMED International for usage in non-Member countries
    • At rates appropriate for each non-Member country and the numbers of hospitals and practices where SNOMED CT is used
Applications to Waive Fees

Applications to SNOMED International can be made to waive the fees in specific situations. For more information, contact SNOMED International.

Providing Browsers and Related Services

SNOMED International has outlined conditions for any Affiliate that provides publicly available SNOMED CT Browsers and Related Services. The Affiliate must require users to accept a sublicense either:

  • Each time they use the browser or;
  • When they create an account that gives them a login for access.

SNOMED International strongly recommends a sublicense that:

  • Does not permit the use of a browser to support data entry or other types of use that are subject to reporting and fees in non-Member countries.
  • Makes clear that if these tools are used for purposes other than general exploration, the user must register as an Affiliate and fulfill all obligations including reporting and fee payments.
Maple leaf Use of the Canadian National Release

The Canadian National Release of SNOMED CT, the SNOMED CT CA Edition, can only be used by those that have accepted both the Canadian National License Agreement and SNOMED CT Affiliate Agreement.

Translations of SNOMED CT

Under license agreement with SNOMED International, Canada Health Infoway, as a Member country, has the right to translate the SNOMED CT International Release.

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