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map-pin PR/CR Spec Development work stream

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5 years 6 months ago #2603 by Kris Lewis
Our next meeting will be Wednesday May 24 at 1:00 Eastern.

Topic of interest this week: Use Cases

A Zoom meeting and calendar item will be added shortly.


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5 years 6 months ago #2584 by Kris Lewis
Posting a heads up that tomorrow's meeting is cancelled due to some availability issues.

Please respond to a new doodle poll to pick a new bi-weekly time slot for our meetings.

Our upcoming focus will be on PR and CR Use Cases, plus other topics as they are raised on this forum.

Thanks! Kris

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5 years 7 months ago #2478 by Natalya Pogrebetsky
Hi Everyone, We have decided to cancel the next FHIR PCR/PPR call, which is scheduled for April 18, as this is after the long weekend, so many people are still unavailable. The week after is FHIR NORTH. We will have our next meeting in beginning of May.

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5 years 8 months ago #2429 by Natalya Pogrebetsky
Reminder of tomorrow's meeting (April 4th) at 3:00 Eastern.

Agenda for tomorrow meeting:
1. Introduction (Natalya/Kris)
2. EMPI-type queries vs RESTful (Lloyd)
3. RESTful FHIR vs SOAP (Lloyd )
4. Questions/Open discussion (everyone)

Natalya and Kris (co-chairs)

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5 years 8 months ago #2393 by Kris Lewis
Meeting notes from March 21

1. Introduction/Attendees
Kris Lewis - Sierra Systems
Alan Leung - Sierra Systems
Natalya Pogrebetski - eHO
Attila Farkas - Infoway
Blaine Jenkins - Nevari Health
Fariba Behzadi - eHO
Grant Gillis - Alberta Health Services ID mgmt team
Igor Sirkovich - MOHLTC
John Willis - eHealth Center of Excellence in waterloo, eReferral WG
Ken Sinn -
Lloyd Mackenzie - Gevity
Mike Kotuba - Born Ontario
Rita Pyle - eHO
Shamil Nazimov - BC MOH
Smita Kachroo - eHO

2. Tooling and Collaboration (Attila)
Expecting this workstream will produce some concrete work, and will be a good working example and a test case for collaboration on FHIR specifications using tools and frameworks that Infoway has been developing.

3. PCR/PPR Ontario updates (Natalya and Smita)
a. Noted that there will be a webinar on March 23 explaining the planned publishing of draft specifications from Ontario
b. Presented slides outlining Ontario's PCR and PPR interfaces including FHIR support in draft.
Questions about PCR:
Q: Which ID is being used in the Patient READ? Any of the potential IDs, or some unique one on the server?
A: Definitional ID,HCN, EMPI EID.
Q: What type and how many resources are being used by this interface?
A: Patient resource, Operation Outcome.
Q: What transfer models? Restful or also messages?
A: Not fully FHIR, only through SOAP. Query only for FHIR (Pub/Sub is for current landscape)
Questions about PPR:
Q: What specialties are supported? e.g all the X specialties from a certain region?
A: Terminology spreadsheet lists specialties supported
Q: Notification message to provide information about provider information changing?
A: No.
Q: Any plans to allow active management of provider, or will it be read-only (of course, role-based)
A: Next phase (v3) would allow for merge. Not looking at it for now. Follow up Comment: Maybe something worth considering for those looking for a complete PR package
Q: In BC, provider can exist as a provider and an organization - list of resources may not be enough to support needs in BC?
A: Our list is just starting point
Q: Is this open-access, or is there authentication required? what is the security model?
A(Lloyd): Security is defined separately (HTTP layer), set of expectations around system authentication and user authentication.
Follow up Q: Single role?
A(Lloyd): Different types of users get different results; type of role may impact types & numbers of EMPI match
Comment: Different model in BC, will be interesting to see how to harmonize between provinces.
Q: Are there plans to adopt STU3?
A: In future, to move to STU3 once published. going with STU2 for now
c. Slides will be shared on the forum

4. PRSC Updates (Kris)
Brief update highlighting the fact that the Provider Registry System Collaborative is beginning a project to scope and define a FHIR specification for the Provider Registry System (PRS) in use in multiple jurisdictions.
Plan is to collaborate with other jurisdictions through the FHIR working groups and align to pan-Canadian specifications as they develop

5. Questions/Open discussion
Clarified a few topics of interest for future meetings
i. Paradigm shifts specific to registries, EMPI-type queries vs RESTful
ii. Other Paradigm shifts (RESTful FHIR vs SOAP etc)
iii. Boundaries between Patient, Practitioner, Organization, Location, Service and what these mean in the Canadian context
iv. URI vs OIDs registries (for Solution Architecture workstream)
v. Extensions

6. Future Meetings
For April and May bi-weekly meetings will occur starting Tuesday April 4th at 3PM Eastern. Will re-evaluate as the group develops a workplan.

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5 years 8 months ago #2368 by Yaron Derman
the Ontario trial for use FHIR specs for provincial client registry and provider registry are now available for download:

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