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HL7 Canada Council Election 2022 Results

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Congratulations to the newly elected members of the 2022 HL7 Canada Council.

  • Ron Parker has been elected, uncontested, to his third term as HL7 Canada Council Chair. Ron continues to do an excellent job at representing Canada and keeping the HL7 community updated on the latest trends and issues and he has recently joined the Board of HL7 International.
  • Ken Sinn has been elected, uncontested, to his first term as HL7 Canada Member at Large representing the public sector. Ken has been a long-time contributor to HL7 Canada on the behalf of Ontario Health, reviewing relevant ballot content and providing recommendations and comments on many ballots over the years.
  • As there were no nominations for the last role, Elliot Silver has been appointed to his first term as HL7 Canada Member at Large representing the private sector. Elliot is very active as consultant in the health interoperability community and has also attended many HL7 Canada Community and HL7 Canada Council Meetings where his experience and insights have been greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Cindy Jiang and James Agnew for their contributions over the past two years.

Thank you to all the nominees and the HL7 Canada community for their ongoing participation.


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