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New International release of SNOMED CT available

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The January 2022 release of the Systematized NOmenclature of MEDicine -- Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT) is now available for review and implementation via the Terminology Gateway.

Content highlights for the January 31, 2022 release of SNOMED CT by category include:

  • Removal of capitalization of the term “Severe” in COVID-19 concepts unless the term is at the beginning of the description. Coronavirus pandemic support and guidance is available via the SNOMED International COVID-19 Related Content space.
  • Continued work on the anatomy model and addition of new content including upper respiratory tract concepts.
  • Addition of a new Pressure injury (disorder) hierarchy in alignment with NPIAP terminology.
  • Inactivation and replacement of neoplastic morphology concepts based on ICD-O-3 “NOS” or “no ICD-O subtype” concepts.
  • Remodeling of “osteotomy” procedure concepts to reflect that osteotomy is an incision, excision or division of bone.
  • Quality improvement: 8368 concepts’ stated relationships and 15487 inferred relationships improved as the result of the Quality Initiative Project.
  • Inactivation of outdated “mental handicap” content.
  • 18 new concepts added in support of the Social Determinants of Health
  • Remodeling of Administration of prophylactic drug or medicament (procedure) and Hormone (substance) concepts.
  • Donor after circulatory death (person) and Donor after neurological death (person) have been added as subtypes Cadaver donor (person).
  • New concepts and modifications related to Orphanet, ICD-11, nutritional content, the Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency, and cancer synoptic reporting.
  • SNOMED International will no longer be providing a Delta file in the release package. A Delta Generation service will be provided to implementers who require it. Trial it here and send us any feedback:
  • Release notes are provided separately from the RF2 file package and the RF2 files are provided as a single .zip file in alignment with SNOMED International RF2 file specification.
  • There is no longer any need to separate the Map files from the International Edition. ICD-0/ICD-10 Maps will continue to be published in each Monthly International Edition release package.

*Note: Please refer to the Release Notes for further details.


Canadian COVID-19 related content visit the Infoway’s Standards Resources for COVID-19 page.

Refer to SNOMED CT January 2022 International Release Notes for a detailed list of changes in this release.

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