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September 2020 HL7 Conference & Connectathon Updates

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HL7 International Work Group Meetings are held three times per year. These meetings give HL7 International Work Groups the opportunity to come together to work on standards and network with industry leaders from around the world. This work group meeting featured four opening presentations:

  • Leveraging HL7 FHIR for Smart Guidelines: Advancing Use of WHO Guidelines in the Digital Age
  • Policy, Standards and Technology in the Time of COVID 19: A Case Study of Brazil
  • A One-on-One conversation with Dr. Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner & Acting CIO US FDA
  • COVID, Data & Standards: Ethics as a Pandemic Partner

This summary of the HL7 34th Annual Plenary & Working Group Meeting provides links to the recordings of these presentations and a high-level overview of their content. There were 43 work group tracks and the slides give summaries of, and links to, various Working Group sessions including FHIR Infrastructure (FHIR-I), Electronic Health Record (EHR), CDA Management, Unified Terminology Governance (UTG), Health Terminology Authority (HTA), Vocabulary, and Structured Documents.

HL7 FHIR Connectathons are held three times per year, two weeks before Working Group Meetings. Connectathons feature hands-on FHIR development and testing which help to evolve the FHIR specification. The September Connectathon featured 36 tracks, with 7 sub-tracks. Canada Health Infoway participated in the Public Health track where the Canada Health Infoway SDC Parser Service was tested. Find out more about the Connectathon and Parser Service in the summary presentation.

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