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Learn the Fundamentals of HL7 FHIR

HL7 FHIR fundamentalsHL7® FHIR® Fundamentals course, beginning October 29, 2020, provides an in-depth overview of the standard. No previous experience is required.

This is an asynchronous, instructor-led online course that allows you to work at your own pace. Learning takes place through discussions with the instructor, tutors and peers. Assessments are in the form of weekly assignments, quizzes, exams and projects. Plan on spending 5 to 7 hours per week. There are no live lectures to attend.

Who should attend?

  • Software developers, architects, implementers and health IT executives
  • Project leads that make decisions about where/how FHIR might be used
  • Those wanting to become HL7 FHIR certified

Register today (deadline is Friday October 23, 2020)

HL7 members save up to 30 per cent. If you are not sure if you have HL7 membership via Infoway, you can verify your HL7 International Access on InfoCentral.

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