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Canadian FHIR Registry and Forge License Agreement Changes

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Users of the Canadian FHIR® Registry on the Simplifier platform can expect to remain unaffected by the recent Forge license changes until December 31, 2021.

As per the statement issued on the Firely blog, Securing the future of Forge, the free version of Forge will be licensed for non-commercial use only beginning January 1, 2020. To continue using Forge, users will need to be part of a paid plan on The current contract between Infoway and Firely for allows for an unlimited number of users of Forge. Infoway has received confirmation from Firely that this will remain unaffected until December 31, 2021. If the authors in belong to projects that are part of the Canadian FHIR Registry, they will be given rights through the administration processes of the platform conducted by Infoway.

The Canadian FHIR Registry supports collaborative development to accelerate sustainable growth of FHIR, locally and internationally. The registry is the home of national FHIR profiles recommended for use in Canada, including extensions, value sets, URIs and other useful, commonly used components. It is also host to a growing number of national, jurisdictional and locally shared FHIR projects, and is open to all Canadian implementers.

Find out more or request access to the Canadian FHIR Registry.

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