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What are your ideas for the future of Canada’s health care system?

The future of health care starts with you. Canada Health Infoway wants to hear from Canadians about their hopes and concerns for our health care system.

A Healthy Dialogue

A Healthy Dialogue aims to get feedback from Canadians on their hopes and concerns for their health care system, including their and their families’ experiences as patients. This dialogue includes an exploration of Canadians' views on the potential of new technologies to support the transformation of Canada’s health care sector.

Some of the key questions considered in this dialogue include:

  • What are Canadians’ wishes and expectations for the future of the health system, particularly with respect to how they would like it to work better for them and their families?
  • What issues related to health or the health system are most important to Canadians?
  • How do Canadians’ experiences with technology in other parts of their lives inform their views on the use of technology to improve the health system?
  • Where are there opportunities to impress or excite Canadians with digital health?
  • What are the areas of concern for Canadians with respect to digital health?

    We are looking to engage with as many Canadians as possible to understand the breadth of needs and aspirations for the adoption of technology in the delivery of healthcare. Register with today to stay connected with this discussion.

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