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Access to Personal Health Records and Digital Health e-Services Delivers Significant Value to the Health Care System

Both Canadians and the health care system benefit when patients can access their personal health records (PHRs) online and use digital health e-services, according to a new study conducted by SRDC (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) for Canada Health Infoway.

The study found that, with current rates of digital health technology adoption, Canadians collectively reap approximately $119 to $150 million in value each year. This value is derived by avoiding time off work, and travel and other costs associated with a trip to the doctor’s office.

Health systems also benefit. Current adoption generates $106 to $134 million in value to the health system. This is because patients with access to their health information and the ability to connect with their doctor electronically avoid unnecessary phone calls and in-person visits with their doctor and have fewer trips to the emergency department. Online access to health record information also saves time and helps avoid medical errors.

Read the media release.

Read the study.


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