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FHIR® – Focusing on Canadian Profiles


There is no denying that FHIR® is gaining momentum globally and this trend is certainly evident here in Canada. As this emerging standard promises a number of quick wins and benefits, it is tempting to overlook the challenges that successful implementations will have to overcome to truly support standardization. Extensions, profiles and implementation guides are FHIR tools that are readily available and quite tempting; however, what the community must decide is how to use them, or rather reuse them, wisely.

Most recently, a number of jurisdictional implementation teams have expressed a desire to use FHIR in order to interconnect existing systems and services so as to enhance their value and utility. Such jurisdictional assets include provider registries, client registries, immunization repositories and consent management. With these efforts underway, and more to come, now is the time to develop a sustainable platform of information building and sharing.

With this in mind, InfoCentral has launched a new Working Group dedicated solely to FHIR. By working together, implementers across the country will have the opportunity to build and share FHIR assets and in turn support the organic growth of solutions and of the community itself. Become part of this movement and help shape a sustainable future in interoperability.

Join the FHIR Implementations Working Group

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