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Webinar: ISO/TC215 Use Case Standard – Patient Summary

When someone is in need of care outside of their home province or while travelling abroad, how can important health information stored in the primary care domain be transferred to the attending clinicians in an acute care setting? It is this important standardized Patient Summary Use Case that is at the heart of efforts by ISO/TC215 (the Health Informatics Technical Committee) and the Joint Initiative Council. These efforts are working to strategically lead the specification of full sets of implementable and interoperable standards, all for better health outcomes nationally and globally. The Patient Summary, a priority need of many countries and standards groups, is the target of this first standards set.

The ISO Use Case Standard, developed and currently in final balloting stage, promotes consistency and uniformity in requirement specifications, thereby supporting the successful implementation of interoperability solutions. The use case standard underpins the ISO/TC215 and the Joint Initiative Council work building the sets of coherent standards from published base standards.

Join Elizabeth Keller and Don Newsham, both ISO/TC215 members and Patient Summary Task Group leaders, on November 3, 2016 for an interactive webinar where they will share pre-published information on ISO/TR 19669 - Re-usable Component Strategy for Use Case Development. The discussion will include the application of the Use Case Standard to the Patient Summary Standards efforts undertaken by the Joint Initiative Council which comprises eight Standard Development Organizations (SDOs). The use case is applicable across jurisdictions (regions, provinces, countries) and is a key enabler of care coordination.

Please refer to the Event Notice for all webinar details.

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