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September 2023 Release of the Canadian Edition of SNOMED CT is now available!

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The September 2023 Canadian Edition (CA Edition) is harmonized with the SNOMED International September 2023 monthly release. Content includes COVID-19 vaccine related concepts, updated immunization concepts, new French translations, and new concepts requested by Canadian stakeholders to support diverse implementation projects across the country.

New concepts and descriptions have been created in this CA Edition to support Canadian implementations, including: ongoing immunization work; the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Pan-Canadian Organ Donation and Transplantation Data and Performance Reporting System,  and Health Human Resources Minimum Data Set; Ontario Health’s Lab Information System (OLIS); Lab Information System (SIL Provincial) and other projects from  (Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec (MSSS) such as CNESST,CISSSMO, DSIE, PQDCCR (Endoscopy); British Columbia Ministry of Health's Gender, Sex and Sexual Orientation (GSSO) Health Information Standard project; as well as additional requests related to related to cardiology concepts for MendMD.

Infoway also releases updated versions of SNOMED CT subsets as part of the CA Edition. The September  2023 CA Edition of SNOMED CT and all pan-Canadian Subsets are available on the Terminology Gateway.

Release notes for the CA Edition are available here along with general editorial guidelines and guidelines for making change requests in the Canadian context.

How to browse published terms

You are invited to access the tool now!

How to browse terms under development

Canada Health Infoway’s SNOMED CT Canadian Edition Daily Build Browser (CA Build) is a development environment that also provides ways to browse and search SNOMED CT Canadian Edition English and French content that has not yet been published.

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