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Modernizing Sex and Gender Information Practices in Electronic Health Record Systems in Canada

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Infoway’s Sex and Gender Working Group has been meeting since November 2019 to explore ways to expand the definition, collection and use of sex- and gender-related data in Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

On the second Tuesday of the month, the group hosts a presentation by a leading organization or group to share their sex- and gender-related EHR work and experience. On May 12, Beth Clark and Lindsay MacNeil of Trans Care BC provided an overview, with recommendations, about best practices that meet the data requirements to satisfy clinical use cases, analytics and administrative use cases while protecting patient privacy. Emphasis was placed on the need for systems to support clinical practice environments that are affirming and culturally competent. Discussion highlights and presentation slides are in this Sex and Gender forum post.

Working group members are also invited to join the planning project consultation session on the fourth Tuesday of the month, where stakeholder groups across Canada discuss issues and approaches to incorporate sex and gender into EHR systems.

The intent is to produce a coordinated action plan to modernize sex and gender information practices in EHRs across the country. The planning work is funded by the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health with the overall goal to achieve health equity for the sexual and gender minority populations.

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