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HL7 Affiliate Chair Election 2018-2019

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The evolution of the Health Level Seven (HL7) Standards in Canada is regulated through an international agreement with HL7 International Inc., co-owners of the intellectual property. Under the HL7 Affiliate Agreement, Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) is the legal signatory authority and host of HL7 Canada - a vibrant community of Health Information Technology experts operating within the recently launched Digital Health Alliance for Clinical Interoperability.

The HL7 Community, in addition to many others, is hosted on the InfoCentral collaboration platform and offers free access to a wealth of information, tools and resources for implementers working along the entire life cycle of digital health standards in Canada. If you have not already joined we highly encourage you to do so and get involved in shaping the future of Canadian digital health standards. Register today.

The agreement with HL7 International entitles member countries (Affiliates) to a voting position at the HL7 International Council, a right that is exercised through an Affiliate representative called the Affiliate Chair. Having just renewed a two year agreement, Infoway is delighted to host the election for the Affiliate Chair position representing the HL7 Canada Constituency internationally for the term of this agreement (2018-2019).

This election is open to any Canadian currently registered on InfoCentral and serves as an invitation to nominate the next HL7 Canada Affiliate Chair, outlining the election process. In addition to participation in the HL7 International Council, it is expected that the Affiliate Chair will take a lead role in the Canadian HL7 community, helping to shape and prioritize HL7 standards work in Canada. Details about this role are available on InfoCentral.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the current Affiliate Chair - Melva Peters - Melva is a global industry leader in Medication Management. She has represented HL7 Canada interests on the international stage and led the Canadian standards work through the InfoCentral HL7 Community. Thanks again Melva.

Requirements for nomination and voting

Nominating and voting for the Affiliate Chair is open to all registered HL7 community members on InfoCentral who currently live and work in Canada. Note that a paid membership in HL7 International is not required to nominate or to vote for the Affiliate Chair. However, the Affiliate Chair must be a member in good standing with HL7 International. Once submissions for nominations are closed, voting will take place on InfoCentral.

Nominations and the election process

Voting is open from Monday, July 2, 9 am ET to Friday, July 13, 5 pm ET on the HL7 Community "About" tab.

More information on the nomination process and timelines can be found on the HL7 community forum.

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