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Launch of the Canadian FHIR Registry

FHIR has quickly become established as the solution of choice in health information interoperability. As more and more projects are reaching for FHIR to enable interoperability, it is becoming increasingly more relevant and important to consolidate the building blocks of these FHIR solutions.

After a careful examination of build environments that support collaborative and reusable patterns for FHIR development, Canada Health Infoway is pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian FHIR Registry. The registry, sponsored by Infoway, is powered by the platform, a web solution built by Furore. Material stored and developed in this environment meets the validation criteria for properly formed FHIR content, being particularly sensitive to versioning.

The platform hosting the Canadian FHIR registry has also become host to several FHIR registries giving our users open access to learning and reusing solutions developed and published by others. This access is essential to accelerated, sustainable and reusable growth both locally and internationally. The Registry enables seamless integration of profile editing using Forge (free FHIR profile editor) as well as online authoring of implementation guides, through the use of a pleasant user interface. Integration with source control tools such as GitHub is also supported for development teams to create and evolve their FHIR package in version controlled environments and backend syncing of that content through to the designated project space in the Registry. This approach blends software development best practices with the FHIR modelling necessary to deliver on project requirements while having continuous access to structure validation, rendering and publishing.

The registry is live and open to any and all project managers working on Canadian FHIR based projects and accommodates collaborative development for project teams of up to one hundred individuals. We welcome your participation in the Canadian FHIR Registry. To join the Canadian FHIR Registry, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request access to a project space. New content and features will be released over the next several months including but not limited to, recommended Canadian FHIR profiles, extension tooling, analysis on emerging trends, and more.

Looking forward to collaborating with you.

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