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TOPIC: HL7 Canada Council Election -

HL7 Canada Council Election - 4 years 5 months ago #2418

The call for nominations for the HL7 Canada Council was opened on February 27th and closed March 19th. Unfortunately we received only 1 nomination for 4 positions. We will be discussing this topic further on the HL7 Community call on April 4th as well as on the HL7 May 2017 Ballot Comment Review call on April 24th.

If you have any suggestions on how to move forward with this process, please feel free to respond.

Thank you
Melva Peters
HL7 Canada Chair
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HL7 Canada Council – Member-At-Large Election – Candidates 4 years 6 months ago #2306

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HL7 Canada Council Election - 4 years 7 months ago #2147

The HL7 Canada Council consists of the HL7 Canada Affiliate Chair, a representative appointed by Canada Health Infoway as well as 4 elected Members-At-Large elected from the following communities and stakeholders (e.g. providers, consultants, payers, vendors, government, and academia) drawn from across Canada. The current Chair is Melva Peters who was elected in March 2016 for a 2-year term. Attila Farkas is the appointed representative on behalf of Canada Health Infoway.

As per the updated Terms of Reference approved in late 2016, Infoway is delighted to host the election for the four Member-At-Large 2-year positions. This election is open to any Canadian currently registered on InfoCentral and serves as an invitation to nominate the four members of the Council. The Members-At-Large will be elected from the following communities and stakeholders: providers, consultants, payers, vendors, government, and academia drawn from across Canada.

We invite you to nominate the candidates for the HL7 Council positions.

Requirements for nominees
Recognizing that Member-At-Large positions are volunteer with responsibilities, candidates for this position are expected to:
  • Be an active premium member of the DHA in good standing.
  • Have participated on an HL7 International Committee or Work Group via teleconferences within the past year.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of HL7 health information standards in Canada.
  • Endeavour to reach consensus on matters of the HL7 Canada Affiliate through strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Have an appreciation of how health information standards facilitate an interoperable Electronic Health Record (iEHR).
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the Canadian health care system, whether through employment, consulting, academia or through related activities.
  • Demonstrate an ongoing interest in furthering of health information standards on a pan-Canadian basis.
  • Understand the DHA structure and processes, where applicable.
  • Understand the HL7 International governance structure, role of the Affiliate(s), and related processes within HL7 International.
  • Council members should also have attended at least one HL7 International Working Group Meeting in the past two years.]
Preponderance of Influence:
As per the HL7 Canada Council Terms of Reference, no single constituency (providers, consultants, payers, vendors, government and academia) or organization, where consultants are considered to be of an organization if it contributes more than 50% of their direct billing; may have direct or indirect personnel holding more than one-third of the seats on the HL7 Canada Council.
No single jurisdiction may have direct or indirect personnel holding more than one-third of the seats on the HL7 Canada Council.

The nomination period takes place February 27, 2017 to March 19, 2017.

To ensure that there is a balanced representation as per the Terms of Reference, candidates will be elected based on the community/stakeholder groups represented amongst the nominated candidates. If the nominated candidates do not represent the various stakeholder communities, the nomination period may be extended.

Nomination submissions should be posted on the HL7 Community under the “HL7 Canada Council – Member-At-Large Election – Candidates” forum thread. When submitting your nomination please provide the following information:
• Name
• Home City
• Employer
• Community/Stakeholder Group represented: Provider, Consultant, Payer, Vendor, Government, Academia, Jurisdictional
• Involvement in HL7 (nationally and internationally)

Voting will open on March 27, 2017 and run until end of day April 14, 2017, in the format of a public poll which will be hosted on InfoCentral. Each Canadian HL7 Community member will be entitled to submit a single, confidential vote for 4 candidates across the community/stakeholder groups represented.

The successful candidates will be selected by simple majority. The elected Council will be announced on April 17, 2017. Detailed information, reminders and dates will be published in the monthly Dispatch newsletter and in the InfoCentral communities. We highly encourage you to get involved and best of luck to all the candidates.

For reference, the election timelines are:
Nominations February 27, 2017 – March 19, 2017
Voting March 27, 2017 – April 14, 2017
Announcement April 17, 2017
Note: If there are only four candidates nominated across the community/stakeholder, a vote will not be necessary and the candidates will be appointed as the incoming HL7 Canada Council.
Note: If candidates nominated do not represent the various stakeholder/community groups, the nomination period may be extended.

Eligible candidates may be nominated or may choose to self-nominate by posting short description of their qualifications and aspirations for the Affiliate Chair position, in this forum thread.

We look forward to a record number of nominations in the form of diverse, talented leaders that want to be involved in continuing to shape the HL7 Canada Community.

For full details on the HL7 Canada Council Elections, including requirements for nominations and voting, requirements for nominees, please review this detailed document: HL7 Canada Council Election 2017
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