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file Proposed Updates to Speaking Rules for Discussions

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1 month 2 weeks ago #7926 by Kelly Davison
Greetings folks,

We must be respectful in the way that we communicate with each other. All members of this group should feel safe to participate. Together, this community has achieved a lot, but there is a lot more work that needs to get done and we'll need to collaborate more closely moving forward. I think the guidelines provided by the SDOH WG via Serena make our expectations around communication more explicit. I will add this to the agenda for the July meeting and we can ask the group about adding the reminder on a permanent basis.

Thank you,

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1 month 3 weeks ago #7925 by Aaron Devor
Hi Serena
I think that these are good rules to apply to everyone. Just as cis people will benefit from the changes we are championing for the recording of GSSO concepts so, too, does respectful discourse benefit everyone. It's not just Trans+ people who deserve to be spoken with in a respectful manner.
Thank you for reminding us all of good practices.
Aaron Devor

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1 month 3 weeks ago #7924 by Serena Mack

I would like to propose adopting the speaking rules that the Infoway SDoH work group uses. They are:
  • Express disagreement with ideas not personalities
  • Share airtime
  • Stay on topic - connect to what others have said
  • Understand & learn from each other
  • We are all equal. Leave rank at the door
  • Listen respectfully especially when you disagree. Acknowledge you have heard the others
  • Look for common ground
  • Identify & test assumptions

I found today's discussion at times difficult to listen to after people were spoken over top of, patronized, or had their questions ignored. At times the speaker seemed combative and like they were taking comments personally when people raised concerns over harmful & outdated language. I can not imagine how a trans, intersex, or non-binary person would feel listening to the general tone of today's call, but I certainly felt uncomfortable hearing trans voices being spoken over top of.

These are intensely important and personal topics, and I am concerned that without greater moderation of discussions that we will lose the important voices of those with lived experiences.

Thank you for your consideration.

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