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file Links to Simplifier / Forge Sept 13 Webinar

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1 year 2 months ago #8040 by Joanie Harper
Hello FHIR Implementers,

For anyone who missed the and Forge Webinar last week, here are the links to the recordings and slide deck:

Highlights of the webinar:
• Simplifier search is now out of beta, including UX improvements and searching within organizations
• Soon we will also visualize relationships between FHIR specifications
• Theming your IG to match your company guidelines is now available from the Team plan
• Snippets in IGs allow you to quickly reuse components in multiple pages
• Directly write PlantUML diagrams in your guides between <plantuml></plantuml> tags
• Soon you will be able to add hidden pages and edit the index pages and page metadata
• Forge now includes Quality Control, allowing you to validate your full FHIR specification with one click
• Forge soon will provide a wizard for those evaluating to upgrade to R4B
• Firely Terminal now has better synchronization and running bake pipelines

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