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file November 2023 SNOMED CT Global Patient Set (GPS) RF2 refset Production release

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4 months 1 week ago - 4 months 1 week ago #8874 by Jordan Chan
The Production release of the November 2023 SNOMED CT® Global Patient Set (GPS) RF2 refset package is now available, from the MLDS distribution site.

The SNOMED CT® Global Patient Set (GPS) refset package contains SNOMED CT files in Release Format 2 (RF2) only, distributed in a zipped file archive:

This package is provided in Release Format 2 (RF2) format only. For the Freeset format of the same GPS Refset, please see

In line with the new SNOMED International packaging guidelines, the Release Notes and Implementation Guide have been separated from the release package, and so can be downloaded as distinct files and accessed on InfoCentral:
The Documentation can also be accessed online:
Please Contact Us if you are interested in the RF2 zip package or have other questions.
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