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file SI - Resolution of the Evaluation procedure vs. Observable entity issue

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9 months 4 days ago #8623 by Jordan Chan
Here is a briefing note from SNOMED International to inform the community of the proposed resolution of the Evaluation procedure vs Observable entity issue recently agreed by the Senior Management Team (SMT).

The Observable entity and Evaluation procedure hierarchies were created in the early 2000s and have been maintained as separate hierarchies even though the content is overlapping in many areas. This has created confusion and inconsistency in how observation information is represented in record systems and in SNOMED CT. While some stakeholders have expressed their requirement for separate codes for ordering (evaluation procedure) and resulting (observable entity) observations, other stakeholders have expressed their requirement to include codes for ordering and resulting observations in the same hierarchy at various levels of granularity. Previous efforts to resolve the issue and meet stakeholder needs have stalled.

Please see the attached briefing note for more information.

Comments and feedback on this proposal should be provided via this forum by Friday September 8, 2023.

Thank you

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