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TOPIC: HealthcarePractitionerRoleType (SCPTYPE) May 2021

HealthcarePractitionerRoleType​ (SCPTYPE) May 2021 2 months 3 weeks ago #6819

Hello All,

We have had a request for a new concept and Code for the HealthCareProviderRoleType (SCPTYPE) subset from Stakeholders of the Canadian Vaccine Catalogue. The addition is for ‘Pharmacy Intern’, is being considered to add to the subset?

Concept Name: Pharmacy Intern
Concept Code: PHINT

Has anyone used this code or uses a different code for this? If we don’t get any response back by EOD Friday, 21th March, this concept will be added to the list. So, please send us your response back by the due date. A copy of the subset is provided here with the new addition HeathCareProviderRoleType May 2021

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