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How can I unsubscribe from email notifications on activity in a forum?

If you join a group or subscribe to a forum for a group (community, working group or project), you will be notified via email each time a new post is made to that forum.

To unsubscribe from these email notifications, you must be logged in, and follow either of these methods:

  1. Click on Collaboration in main navigation
  2. Click on the name of the community, working group, or project for the forum you wish to be unsubscribed
  3. On group page, select the Forum tab
  4. Click on the View all posts button to take you to the full forum
  5. Click on the Unsubscribe button


  1. Click on Resources in the main navigation
  2. Select Forums. You will see a list of all public forms
  3. Click on the name of group forum you wish to unsubscribe from
  4. Click on the Unsubscribe button.

Once unsubscribed, this button will change to Subscribe, allowing you to change your settings again, if desired.

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