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CommunicableDiseasePresentationCode Subset

Published on Dec 18, 2015 by Beverly Knight

Here is the final version of the CommunicableDiseaseStageCode subset after the Communicable Disease Work group review. 

This subset provides values for body sites or clinical presentations which are not disease specific, as well as disease-specific further characterization of the disease or condition.  Each value is intended to be used in combination with the reportable disease/condition to provide further information on the type or form of the reportable disease/condition (e.g1. Lymphogranuloma venereum (disease) and genital (site)) (E.g2. - Active tuberculosis (disease) and Pleurisy TB, lab confirmed (site).

Stakeholders who are interested in encoding outbreak and case management for communicable disease should consider using this subset.  The subset reflects mainly Manitoba requirements but attempts have been made to incorporate other jurisdiction  needs.  The development process relies on an implementer to test this product and add Identifiers (where missing).  This step has not occured, therefore if a stakeholder wishes to use this content, they should contact Infoway. 

Thankyou for the assistance of all who participated in this subset development and review.

Beverly Knight

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