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Sample Message Builder .NET project for HL7 v3

Published on Apr 12, 2017 by Linda Monico

The Hello World project for HL7v3 illustrates the basic functionality of Message Builder, which includes:

  • Configuring a Code Resolver
  • Creating a Message
  • Reading a Message
  • Message Validation
  • Sending/Receiving a Message (Transport Mechanisms)

There are 4 different messages that the examples send and receive:

  • Find Candidates (look up a patient in the Client Registry)
  • Immunization Query (look up the immunization records for a patient)
  • Drug Prescription Query (look up the medications a patient is on)
  • Lab Results Query (look up lab results for the patient)

Download the .NET HelloWorld project below and:

  1. Unzip itto a local directory
  2. Import itinto Microsoft Visual C# IDE

Download Now

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