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Sample Message Builder Java project for HL7 v3

Published on Apr 12, 2017 by Lisa Hayes

The Hello World projectfor HL7v3 illustrates the basic functionality of Message Builder, which includes:

  • Configuring a Code Resolver
  • Creating a Message
  • Reading a Message
  • Message Validation
  • Sending/Receiving a Message (Transport Mechanisms)

There are 4 different messages that the examples send and receive:

  • Find Candidates (look up a patient in the Client Registry)
  • Immunization Query (look up the immunization records for a patient)
  • Drug Prescription Query (look up the medications a patient is on)
  • Lab Results Query (look up lab results for the patient)

You can download the Java HellowWorld project below:

  1. Download the Java HelloWorld project
  2. Unzip the file to a local directory
  3. Use Maven to convertitinto an Eclipse project: mvn eclipse:eclipse -f message-builder-hello-world-project-pom.xml
  4. Import within Eclipse
  5. The sample messages can be found under package. Select a sample message and run it as a Java application.

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