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HL7 International Off Cycle Ballot (FHIR R5 and Gender Harmony)

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The HL7 International Sept 2022 Out-of Cycle Ballot is now open. To review the ballot content, download the packaged file containing a compressed folder with an Index spreadsheet, either as a PDF (V2.9.1 - included in the package) or with a link to the HL7 FHIR website.

To submit your comments, please fill out the associated comment spreadsheet and save the file with a unique name that includes your intials. Send it to us via our Contact Us page:

  • In Subject field, please select <<Standards (General)>>.
  • Attach your comment spreadsheet. If you have multiple comment spreadsheets, they can be submitted individually, or you can consolidate them into a zip file which can be attached.
  • In Message field, please specify “Ballot Comments”

Please submit your comments by October 7, 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: These ballots also have significant content with respect to the Gender Harmony Project.

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