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HL7 September 2021 Ballots are now open

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HL7® standards are messaging and document standards, the “couriers” that enable the electronic sharing of clinical information between different healthcare information systems. HL7 welcomes and encourages all to join in discussions and contribute to the development of specifications. Anyone can submit requests for change to HL7 specifications and vote on decisions in work group meetings. 

Please review the HL7 Ballot package. If you have any comments, questions, or issues with any of the 26 ballots, please complete the comment spreadsheet found in the package.

We request that comment spreadsheets be submitted by September 9 to allow the HL7 Canada Council time to review prior to voting.

Your input is valuable and your comments ensure that Canada has a voice in how the HL7 standards evolve.  Your comments also guide how the HL7 Canada Council votes on each ballot.

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