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Improvements to InfoCentral

During a transition phase beginning December 2014, InfoCentral will be comprised of two interconnected sites: InfoCentral Wiki, a continuation of the current content rich wiki; and InfoCentral Beta, a dynamic online community available for clinicians, vendors, developers, and others interested in advancing digital health in Canada, addressing interoperability priorities and solving their challenges. In the spring, the two platforms will merge bringing group functionality and rich content together for a seamless user experience.

The current InfoCentral wiki has been a key resource for the standards community and Infoway will continue to support, distribute, and sustain pan-Canadian and International standards. InfoCentral Beta will include standards communities for ISO, IHE, pCLOCD lab terminology, HL7 and SNOMED CT. The standards themselves will be easier to find, and will be featured as an integral piece to achieving interoperability communities, working groups and implementation projects.

The new InfoCentral Beta is a group based community where visitors can share news, connect with experts, host meetings, find details on upcoming events, attend education sessions, and find relevant resources grouped by area of interest. Visitors can quickly see the work of various groups, connect with participants and engage by joining and participating in communities and working groups.

Find out more by exploring the Communities and Working Groups. To participate, click on the login link in the orange bar at the top of this page and enter your Infoway account credentials (the username and password used to login to InfoCentral Wiki, Inforway forums, etc.).

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