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New, User-Friendly ISO Health Informatics Standards Catalog – available by digital health and interoperability based categories

The ISO/TC215 international secretariat, along with Canadian TC215 leaders, have made available a new valuable catalog for finding, planning and adopting health informatics standards.  This user and interoperability focused catalog lists standards that support the foundational, structural, and semantic interoperability of shared health data communication in a secure, safe and private digital environment. 

This catalog of globally developed and accepted standards is available to the many clinicians, health facilities and organizations, government health ministries, provincial and national health agencies, digital health vendors and consultants that build, implement, operate or support the digital solutions for our health data recording, collection, storage, and exchange.

While ISO standards are developed through a specific set of working groups such as data frameworks and models (WG1), semantic content (WG3), security and safety (WG4), medical devices (JWG7), etc, it is easier for digital health professionals and our overall health care community to consider the needed and available standards as part of the interoperability requirements for data sharing and communication.  The catalog provides an organized listing of the ISO/TC215 standards by functional, semantic, and technical interoperability categories.  The full detailed listing is further organized under business, functional, data, information content, identifier, information exchange, privacy and security and safety categories.  

The catalog listing of standards numbers and titles can be further supplemented by online lookup of the standard through the ISO online browsing platform which provides an overview and preview of the standard of interest.  Simply ‘google’ the standard and choose the ISO Browsing Platform listing.

Access the catalog in the ISO Community

DonNewshamDon Newsham, Chair ISO/TC215 Standards Mirror Committee and Head of Delegation

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