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Improving outcomes for patients, providers and health systems: eHealth Saskatchewan Projects

Patients are challenged by the lack of access to their own health information and increasingly frustrated as they find themselves repeating information to multiple providers involved in their respective care. Providers are similarly frustrated by not timely access to patient information. Consequently, the health system suffers with multiple points of duplication, as well as complications accessing data related to patient care. At eHealth Saskatchewan, EMR interoperability as well as the Citizen Health Portal, (patient portal), are critical projects undertaken to enable the flow of health information to both providers and patients.

Join us for our upcoming Coordination of Care meeting, January 31, 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET,  where we welcome Michelle Mula, Executive Lead for the EMR Interoperability Initiative at eHealth Saskatchewan, and her colleagues Pat Rothney and Lillian Ly, as they discuss significant projects ongoing to support liberating data, connecting care and improving outcomes in health care.

We look forward to an engaging dialogue as well as an opportunity to address in a broader Canadian conversation.


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