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Don’t miss the chance to participate in the NHLC 2016 Great Canadian Healthcare Debate – June 6-7, 2016, Ottawa, ON

We are calling on Canadian health leaders – from emerging to seasoned, to join the discussion. What compelling and potentially controversial policies will make an important impact on the health system and create lasting pathways to innovation and change?

As part of the 2016 National Health Leadership Conference, the Great Canadian Healthcare Debate offers a unique opportunity to debate and advance policy resolutions that reflect the current Canadian health system context and address the most pressing issues facing the healthcare system and health leaders today. Conference delegates will be asked to vote on the motions for debate! Make your priorities known, be prepared to vote then debate the issues!

NHLC 2016 GCH Debate

Our 2018 report found that Canadians with access to digitally-enabled health services reported an improvement in ma…

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