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Uploading, editing and sharing documents on InfoCentral is now much easier

In response to user feedback, Infoway has made some substantial improvements to the functionality and design of the documents repository within each group -- community or working group.

Improvements include:

See both folders and documents in the documents tab within a group. Clicking on the folder will take you to the document resource area, displaying all the files within that folder. Clicking on a document name will take you to the document download/view page with the document description (if one was included at upload). You can identify the type of document by the icon. NOTE: Documents created with proprietary formats like xls, ppt or xls cannot be viewed within the browser so they must be downloaded first to be viewed. However pdf and image files, like jpg or png, can be viewed within the browser and will include the “View Online” option in addition to “Download file”.

See the number of documents in each folder and sort documents by date or alphabetical order in document resource area. On the top right of each document list in the document resources, there are dropdowns that allow users to select the sort type and then select order, either ASC (ascending) or DSC (descending).

Add a link to a document in a forum post or event with one button click. Easily add an agenda to a meeting event or include the minutes to a forum post. After uploading the document in the document resource, create an event or forum post and click on the “link to a document” button and select the file title to help you find the correct document. You can filter the list of documents by group name and/or search for the your document title.

Share a document across multiple groups. When uploading or editing a document, you will see that it is automatically assigned to your group. However, if this document is of interest to another group that you are a member, you can also add it to the documents of that group by clicking on the group name in the “Additional Groups” field. To add the document to more than one group, ctrl-click each group name.

Access version control: To view past versions of a document and revert to an earlier version, click edit on the document page and then click on the Version History tab where you will have the option to view, revert or delete an earlier version. NOTE: Documents published on InfoCentral prior to the upgrade will not have an original version in the version history but all subsequent versions will be tracked.

Document lock when editing. If you are making a change to the description or version of a document, it will be locked until you click SAVE or CANCEL, so that you are not editing it at the same time as another group member.

Same file name allowed when updating a document. If you need to update a document, you can download the file, edit and save on your computer. Then click edit on the document detail page and upload the new version, without needing to rename the file. Next time you edit, you will see the changes in the version history.

Navigate within the available document resources by using the breadcrumb navigation. The breadcrumbs in the dark blue area below the main navigation are links to the pages named. If you are on the document details page where you can download or view a document, you will be able to return to the folder for that group or to the main document area by clicking these links in the breadcrumbs.

Share a document on social media. From the document detail page, click on the Tweet, LinkedIn Share or Facebook Share buttons and the link to this page will be shared. Some documents are only available to members of a group when logged in. It is a good idea to confirm the document access before sharing widely so you can set expectations with your audience. NOTE: Within a group, the permissions are the same for all documents. If you are unsure about permissions for your group, please check with your group contact.

If you notice any issues or have any questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to help.

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