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file Health Analytics Community monthly meeting: September 28th 2023 2:00-3:00 PM EST

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il y a 8 mois 2 semaines #8723 par Dragana Lojpur

Eric's presentation has been uploaded. Here is the link:
2023-09-28 OECD-IDHE Framework

Best regards, Dragana

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il y a 9 mois 1 jour #8679 par Dragana Lojpur
Hello everyone,

Join us on September 28th, 2023 (Thursday) at 2:00-3:00 PM EST as Eric Sutherland from the OECD presents on a checklist of policies that bring an integrated digital health ecosystem (IDHE) to life.

Digital health is a core enabler of health system transformation. Transformation will drive evolution to person-centric health systems, improved public health preparedness, and health system equity, resilience, and sustainability and will rely on an integrated approach to responsible analytics, integrated data, and technology. Additionally, transformation requires human factors and leadership that unleash value through digital health literacy, enable trustworthiness, provide sufficient capacity, establish processes with clear accountability, and support alignment with social license from patients and the public. Collectively, this integrated approach can establish an integrated digital health ecosystem (IDHE).

An IDHE promotes timely insights on patients’ health from integrated health data across multiple providers, institutions, and systems, while applying appropriate digital protections on data. These insights will improve care delivery, patient safety, and achieve better health outcomes for the entire system. An IDHE also promotes population health, public health and safety, regulatory monitoring, and pandemic preparedness and response. Without an integrated approach, there can be redundant or conflicting policies, incoherent standards, and duplicative investments across health systems and institutions. These weaken the foundation of health systems, leading to higher cost, longer communication lags, lower resilience, and sub-optimal health outcomes.

This session will present a checklist of policies that bring IDHEs to life. The aspiration for this Checklist is for policy makers to have a coherent line-of-sight into the policies that are foundational for an equitable, sustained, resilient, and efficient digital health ecosystem for quality care that is centered on patients. The Checklist will make it easier for policy makers to collaborate across nations and to identify opportunities to address gaps together. This checklist may be used to inform the development of readiness or maturity assessment models.

Register here to join:

Hope to see you all there,
Dragana Lojpur

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